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Post by Michele K.,

3868549575 States: Hi, this is Julia. Congratulations, your business has been pre-approved for a $250,000 small business loan. Press 1 now to speak to a cash specialist. No credit check is required for the approval and we can get your loan finalized within the next 48 hours, regardless of what you need the funds for. Once again, press 1 now or press 2 to be placed on our do not call list, thank you

Post by Mad as H-E-L-L,

386-854-9575 The GA State Trooper Assoc. calls me several times a week for the last years. We donated to them time (the first time they called us) and they haven't left us alone ever since. The more I say no we are not donating, the more persitent they get. The last several times they have called after arguing with them that I will NOT donate, they just hang up in my face. For the last times they have called I've told them to take me off their calling list. This last time the called (today) I told him I will not ever donate to them again because they are rude and hang up on me and will not stop calling me and I told them to take me off their calling list AGAIN and he just replied with maybe next time. There BETTER NOT BE A NEXT TIME. >:(

Post by Roxye133t,

3868549575 Received a call at 3:45 am message left stating they were calling from usps or ups (couldn't understand which). Called the phone number back the next evening spoke with a man who's name I didn't catch. He proceeded to tell me They have an urgent package for me to sign. I am receiving 2.5 million dollars etc. Advised the man this was a scam and hung up. Used google to search the area code and it is out of Jamaica. Reported incident to UPS and will contact USPS on Monday as they are not available for calls late Saturday and Sunday. (Reporting to both as I couldn't understand which one he said he was affiliated with)

Post by JHM,

386-854-9575 Robo SPAM from some goon who ~claims~ to be an attorney who handles mortgage modification services.Patrick Long attorney at law? - as best as I could determine this is nothing more than a robo-call spam operation to try and locate people who still haven't heard of this scam and then try to rip 'em off.Robo-call from an attorney looking for business???    REALLY?!?   Please you idiot...grow up.

Post by Guest,

3868549575 Stepanie prank calls really early in the morn'n sayn that some1 was killed in my family

Post by Guest,

386-854-9575 This person is calling me saying I owe them money

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