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Post by peter pumkin eater,

3864928727 ROTFLMAO !!!!!!! They love calling so much, I just sit here after they call and I just constantly keep calling them right back, its so funny they sit there getting so hang up on me, won't even say anything just go click,,, lol... I've only called them this morning around 150,, figure they love being on the phone ill help them get on it. some sit there just saying hello, hi, hello, hi,, commercial financial systems in daytona bch.....just everyone just keep calling them dont say anything, just call call

Post by Guest,

386-492-8727 Back to back calls!

Post by Guest,

3864928727 aflac

Post by Lisa H.,

386-492-8727 Received texts to prompt me to call them back.  ie... Hey you, call me  Hellllooo Unknown # appears to be from  W.  rd Margat City NJ

Post by Guest,

3864928727 One ring then hang up - didn't wait for voice mail.

Post by Scott R,

386-492-8727 These people call (robo call as well I'm assuming) every freaking day, usually twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. They never leave voicemails, and now even when I answer it (because I'm tired of the endless calling), they just hang up. How can we get these scum bags in trouble!!!

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