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Recent Comments for 3864908983

Post by Rachelle,

3864908983 I got the same message, too -

Post by Barb W,

386-490-8983 Getting numerous calls daily from -- - I have this number programmed to my reject call list - So tired of these people calling When I did answer, he sounded like he was from India, wanted to give me money for my mesh surgery (which I didn't have and I told him) They hang up before you can say much - I think they must get paid per phone call - Ugh Stop the calls, please

Post by noboby,

3864908983 "They are insane and don't have a brain"  If you look in the mirror and say that you will be directing that comment to the correct person -  You really need to take your medications as prescribed by your psychiatrist -

Post by Debra A,

386-490-8983 They are persistent - -I don't answer -

Post by Joy,

3864908983 Keep calling about I registered for college and want to get me started -  I told them I am working on my doctorate degree and do not need a bachelor degree -  Keep calling daily -

Post by Emilio G,

386-490-8983 Do not call - Period -

Post by nobody,

3864908983 A friend of mine (loosing X) posted his experiences with this guy - I heard one call when he had his phone on speaker and it went about the same - The guy sounded like an indian and was acting crazy through the phone,  yelling to him (loosing X) that he will keep calling until he has some sort of surgery then wanted to fight him - I had to crack up at the indian's stuttering and stammering after 'X completely mind-eff'd the guy - 'X is about as crazy as one of his Russian spetsnaut friends was (died of cancer couple years back) and like all people originally of eastern european decent, likes a fight if it presents itself - - -the ramblings of an old man -  Long story short he is like us,  always packing just in case it is needed -

Post by loosing X,

386-490-8983 Im filing charges in Mannattee county against # holder (possibly levelcommunications) & possibly against the FCC for willful public endangerment for allowing this creep to continue his sick game for the to years that theyv know about him & that exact # - Theyv had over complaints for various illegal activity including stalking minors yo multiple times, extortion, forced medical sergury( which is basicaly kidnap threat) recently if you dont give in - If police dont get this creepy mother@#@# soon i will notify major news about willful local & fed negligance and public endangerment - creep is blocked but is still lvg blank voice msgs - I have several posts warning about and detailing personal exp and what iv researched about the obvious escalation of this future indian version of BOB HANSEN -  And prob wouldnt b bad idea to arm yourself, no telling if this creepy dt,hed will take the next step being enboldened by lack of local fed police action against him & the # holder(who is just as liable for how the # is used) -

Post by Mary,

3864908983 I too wonder how my number can call my number -

Post by marval moore,

386-490-8983 Calls constantly throughout the day -

Post by Ashley Reed,

3864908983 This person keeps calling my daughter's phone - We have both told them to stop calling And they continue to call -

Post by Ellen,

386-490-8983 Same call over and over I don't answer and I block they call from different numbers  Do Not Call list is a farce  I no longer answer any number that I don't recognize -

Post by Daun,

3864908983 Do consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -Report your callers here:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelBy State DNC lists:www -donotcallprotection -com do_not_call_chart -shtml

Post by nobody,

386-490-8983 I was on the other site that he had - I dont think it was directed to CW but almost sounds like 'X was just trying to look out for everyone's best interests' and started getting heat for it so he got frustrated  and gave up - I know him - He has been a bad luck magnet for some time - (one site he posted on was breaking his grapes)

Post by Guest,

3864908983 Won't stop calling me - Picked up once and told them to stop or I'll report them for harassment but they still keep calling - Some collection agency -

Post by Jan,

386-490-8983 They call and times a day, as early as and a -m - I have told them repeatedly I am on the "do  not call" list, andhave asked them to quit calling -  Some BS about bladder surgery which I told them I had never had - Can't the FCC do something about these calls?

Post by Guest,

3864908983 Called to let me know that they were working on a lawsuit due to a vaginal mesh implant I had done a few years ago (which I never have had) - They were foreign (Pakistan Indian) - DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION SCAMMERS

Post by elaine,

386-490-8983 do not call list is a joke

Post by paula  m,

3864908983 told me that he was calling about my medical settlement - -i have no such thing going on - i told him this was a SCAM CALL , and he yelled at me that -NO IT IS NOT and hung up on me - -i also told him i would report this call and this number -

Post by angry,

386-490-8983 I do the exact same thing on my note - I think the DO NOT CALL LIST is a joke - I do wonder where they get these numbers from - I've kept a history of these guys calling and several others - I had a lawyer do some investigating, and this one company  (telemarketing) had to actually pay me per call - I have a Florida number, but live now where we are hours behind florida, so they violate this as well - Maybe one day these ignorant pos they will get a life of their own, and leave us alone :)

Post by Guest,

3864908983 calling my cell - No message left - Have never seen this number before - a lot of different numbers calling my cell in last few weeks from all over the country, daily - None leave message - All started about weeks ago - First calls only, left message threatening wage garnish or lawsuit - Civil and Irs - Neither were connected to me - After that, all these diff #s -

Post by Guest,

386-490-8983 am calls thank goodness they were blocked

Post by Guest,

3864908983 I have been getting numerous calls a day and by numerous I mean to calls - Always from a male who sounds like he may be Indian - When I tell him I have not had  a bladder sling surgery done he will either keep on with his script or just hang up on me - Some calls there is a male speaking an unknown language and then he disconnects - I have asked that my number be removed to no avail - This is a relentless scam -

Post by Guest,

386-490-8983 Why is it that we install apps that block these types of calls but they get around them , please carriers help your customers AVOID THESE annoying buggers they don't understand remove my number ,

Post by MM,

3864908983 But they keep calling, always with a different number

Post by Guest,

386-490-8983 block

Post by BP,

3864908983 I kept getting calls as well -  I started to call them back, with my caller ID available for them to identify and blasted Bollywood songs through the phone -  Put the phone right on top of the speaker -  Did that times and now I keep getting a busy signal -  Hoping that they added me to their "Do Not Call" list - - :)

Post by Rose,

386-490-8983 I received calls, one on my cell and one on my home phone -  The identification on my home phone was Family Health Center and the cell just said Florida -  The man sounded like he could be Indian, but spoke the English language well -  He stated that I had some kind of surgery several years ago to which I responded that he has no right to my personal information because it is covered by HIPPA -  He got rude and said something about being from the government -  I told him I was covered by HIPPA and hung up -

Post by Guest,

3864908983 I don’t know who or what - It comes as Family Healthcare and they are calling before : -

Post by James,

386-490-8983 I told u before We are not a Scammers and we are never ask for money and all - You have a Poor Command on English - - Might b you are the scammer

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