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Post by Ozymandias,

3863833367 This scam, though common, can be most effective against those who aren't aware. The theatricality begins with familiar but intimidating, law-enforcement sounds in the background. This primes you for the northeast-sounding accent that accompanies an intrusive, vocal inflection from an "officer of the DEA." He will attempt to wheedle or intimidate you (whichever is more effective) by claiming that you have committed a crime, punishable by some extreme means--usually jail. He will work you into a frenzy until you're desperate enough to do anything but to be dragged away in cuffs from your loved ones! Your saving grace will shockingly be MONEY. And everything from having you send it somewhere abroad to withdrawing it from your local ATM, will make all of these baseless accusations go away. IT'S A SCAM. Do not pay a cent. Hang up. If you are under surveillance and about to be arrested, you certainly will not be given a courtesy call! BEWARE!

Post by Guest,

386-383-3367 debt collector for steve sweeney

Post by Iphone user,

3863833367 After calling on a +1 (559) 744-3323 and left a voicemail with just noise i called back to tell them to take me off their call list and I hung up. Two seconds later I get a rude call from this number restating i wanted to be taken and as i said yes they hung up in my face.

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

3863833367 no calls our messages will be accpected from this number do not try again

Post by Alfalfa,

386-383-3367 Other posters say they have had success in forwarding these illegal texts to 7726. They are picked up by your cell phone carrier who will ask you to send them the phone number so they can investigate and have spam filters installed to block the texts. The following article tells you everything you need to know:Security company Cloudmark created a spam messaging reporting service that nation’s major wireless carriers agreed earlier this year to start using. Now, customers of AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and others can forward their text spam message to 7726. The mobile phone carrier will ask customers for the phone number that’s linked to the spam message so they and Cloudmark can start investigating.

Post by DavidA,

3863833367 Their caller ID says "Out of Area" but that number is in my area. I have it blocked and never answered it but I noticed that they keep trying. My blocking gives a busy signal and they don't know their call is blocked but most of them give up eventually and stop trying.

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