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Recent Comments for 3863083681

Post by Cindy,

3863083681 Got a call from this number at : pm today - Said hello several times but didn't get any answer so I hung up - Sure would like to know who these idiots are

Post by Rob,

386-308-3681 I got a call, too -  [***] -

Post by ms queen44,

3863083681 if you don't answer the first time, why do they still keep calling every to minutes -

Post by Lee,

386-308-3681 no vb left - looks like telemarketing -

Post by Lisa G,

3863083681 Ever since I posted my resume on Jobs -com, I've been getting tele-bombed by companies who market for adult Ed & continuing education - I am almost with a BA - At this stage of my life, if that isn't good enough to land a simple office administration position, I don't know what this country is coming to - Further, I am long-term unemployed (since ) having lost my last position to the economy downsizing - The last thing I need right now is pointless TM calls wasting my time It seems telemarketers are the only people who are employed right now - STOP HAUNTING THE REST OF US More nonsense foisted on us by scam artists and corporate cockroaches - I have nothing against the callers - It's a job and someone has to do it, but the calls shouldn't be unsolicited and unrelenting - This is just one of many numbers (YMAX COMM CORP) - TMs who prey on the disenfranchised - Try calling only those who have requested info - Btw, I have requested info from schools and now wish I hadn't - They obviously sell their lists to EVERYONE What a mistake I made by simply being curious as to tuition cost and financial aid for continuing education - :-(

Post by joyce hines,

386-308-3681 I am tired of this place calling-they don't leave any messages-just continue to call

Post by Brittney,

3863083681 I don't know why I keep getting calls from this number - I never answer, and they never leave a message - I think it might have something to do with accidentally clicking on spam - Lately emails have been filling my spam folder -- most of which are about "continuing education" -

Post by Skyeler,

386-308-3681 Same thing happened to me -

Post by Tired of calls,

3863083681 God forbid you ever look into continuing education because most schools obviously sell youre information ro make up for tuition losses - If you have a droid go to settings, call settings, ask cal, auto reject list - Then add the number, and you'll never have to hear your phone ring from that number again - Good luck getting on a no call  list  when you're asking the people that are getting paid to call you to take you off their list - That is their job security, why would they take you off of their list -

Post by geron marks,

386-308-3681 got different calls from that #

Post by Guest,

3863083681 Spam

Post by Ed,

386-308-3681 Called -    Didn't know the #   answered -   Quiet -  Nobody would say a word -   Hung up -

Post by Guest,

3863083681 Sales

Post by Guest,

386-308-3681 Outastater

Post by Guest,

3863083681 School

Post by Chris,

386-308-3681 I got a call from this number as well, I didn't answer and they didn't leave a voicemail - They called my cell phone, so I just added my cell number to the "no call list" and the calls are supposed to stop begining on April rd - We will see -

Post by Denise,

3863083681 Tried answering and they wouldn't say a darn thing then they hung up -  How do they get our phone numbers in the first place??

Post by Guest,

386-308-3681 I get a call from this number every morning - And in a whole week they call me atleast times

Post by Guest,

3863083681 Selling stuff

Post by B Perez,

386-308-3681 No more calls to my cell phone please

Post by dick meters,

3863083681 leave me ALONE

Post by Amanda,

386-308-3681 They have called me everyday for days - When I tried to call back they knew my name and then hung up - Super annoying

Post by Guest,

3863083681 I don't know who this is

Post by Guest,

386-308-3681 Bahama

Post by Saga Art Enterprise,

3863083681 This telemarketing number is another pain in the a--  I recently bought furniture and am financing part of my purchase - The finance company has sold a list - Bingo now the hassle - If you subscribe to magazines, which I did a month ago, they have also sold their list - I need to use my dogs name and an erroneus number I guess - State no call list is not effective - It is a joke -

Post by joyce hines,

386-308-3681 I am tired of this place calling-they don't leave any messages-just continue to call

Post by Margie,

3863083681 Got call from this number, since I didn't know number I didn't answer - No Voice Mail left -

Post by Guest,

386-308-3681 Education center -spam

Post by Guest,

3863083681 Spam

Post by Guest,

386-308-3681 Education services

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