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Recent Comments for 3862796184

Post by Sergio,

3862796184 Please be advised you have been selected for the , Home Makeover Plus Take Your Pick Giveaway being held in Woodbridge, VA -I have tried to reach you by phone and I need to speak with you as soon as possible -  You can reach me at -- and I will lookforward to hearing from you -Thanks,Kelly JanssenP V CPrize Claim Coordinator--

Post by Guest,

386-279-6184 I received a call from #-- on March - A woman named Kelly left me a voicemail stating to call her back before pm to claim my price of a SUV or , in cash - This message must have been a recording because a second or two after her message was finished it repeated itself all over again????? Suspicious for sure

Post by Guest,

3862796184 at : am I received this call from Kelly saying to press or call her back today - She was from PVC and she had wonderful news that I was selected to receive a , - home makeover plus an additional price of my choice - Pressing did not seem to be a working option actually so I was made to call - When I called the number a recording said that the Magic Jack customer is unavailable at this time - Please leave a message - -and I did at the beep - Is this legit and who is PVC?

Post by Niklas,

386-279-6184 Hi i'm German and i got a call from this Number too - It says " ihr prüfcode lautet " in english it's "your validationcode is " i dont know what they want from me  A Minute before i became a message whith the same Text only with another Code Thats weird

Post by Guest,

3862796184 voice mail from -- - recorded loop if you listen to the whole message - "You have been selected to win a new SUV or k in cash - Call back before opm to claim your prize" -

Post by Guest,

386-279-6184 Call said we had won prizes and they had good news - There was calls

Post by Guest,

3862796184 Call said we had won SUV and cash and that they had good news - There were two calls -

Post by Guest,

386-279-6184 We are independent rd party verifiers for contest, sweepstakes and promotional giveaways across the US - No scams, gimmicks or frauds and if you REALLY want to know the truth just call - - we don't bite

Post by Guest,

3862796184 Kelly stated I had to call back to validate my entry for a Ford hybrid vehicle or , in cash, then the message if you listen closely if you wait a few seconds, repeats itself (it's a recording though it sounds live it's not) and that you have to call her back at this number today by pm - SCAM

Post by vikki,

386-279-6184 i got a message and left a voicemail and no call back yet -

Post by Guest,

3862796184 at : am They are still 'at it' - I received voicemail call from Kelly she was from PVC and she had wonderful news that I was selected to receive a , - take your pick home makeover give away - Who is PVC?

Post by Guest,

386-279-6184 Call came from "Kelly" saying I won a K home makeover - Figure it's bunk - Not going to call back - I don't remember entering anything like this -

Post by Guest,

3862796184 Yep - Kelly at -- is wasting everyone's time -

Post by Guest,

386-279-6184 kelly stated I had to call back by pm to claim either hybrid vehicle or , stated florida state lottery????

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