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Recent Comments for 3862774095

Post by annoyed,

3862774095 Looks like we have a new scammer - called at pm, caller id same as number -

Post by J,

386-277-4095 Caller ID says UNKNOWN CALLER - I do not answer unknown, unrecognized or unsolicited calls -

Post by Paula Armstrong,

3862774095 Do not call

Post by @@#$$@#!!!!!!!!!!!,

386-277-4095 They call every two to three days - I DO NOT want to save any money on my energy bill, got it? What I want is to be taken of the @@##@@ call list Stop calling and leave me alone

Post by Fight Back,

3862774095 They call several times everyday and the only reason I know this is, I check my call block list - Thanks ATT for call block feature -

Post by Paula,

386-277-4095 they called this afternoon around pm  asked if my name was (they got the last name wrong) then they hung up -  sounded like someoen who didn't speak English well

Post by John,

3862774095 Nice try shill but people are onto this scam -   Everyone should read these warnings and watch the news so you don't fall for one of these lying little creeps -  Here are just of few of the news stories and warning about these "energy audit" thieves -abc -com archive www -myenergymonster -com beware-of-home-energy-audit-scams www -americanownews -com story scammers-offering-energy-auditswww -scambusters -org energyaudit -htmlThere is no doubt about it; these are sales people getting around the DNC list by offering you an energy audit - As quickly as they are "shut down" on one number they come up with another -  If you are on the dnc list report these SALES calls here:https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspxIf we all report them as soon as they call, we may be able to put a dent in their thieving little ways -

Post by Guest,

386-277-4095 scammers

Post by The Grinch,

3862774095 I finally answered this nuisance telemarketer - You could hear the phone sweatshop on the background - He said "Is this the [my last name] residency?" I said "No" and hung up - I'm hoping if they think it's a wrong number they'll take me off their stupid list -

Post by Ann,

386-277-4095 This number called while I was on another call with somebody else at : am this morning - Glad I didn't take it since I can see from all of the posts on here that it is the same old energy audit scam - I have been getting a lot of calls lately offering this "service" and I am really getting tired of it - I am not stupid enough to fall for their thievery, so they need to STOP CALLING By the way, Anthony and John from Bright Energy Network, nice try, but nobody believes you guys are legit - Go out and get a real job and stop trying to steal money from hard working people

Post by martha,

3862774095 I just got a call from this number and they said they were with a company that helps save on your energy use -wanted info so told them no thanks -

Post by Dick CB,

386-277-4095 Scammer energy audit, by someone who could barely speak English

Post by TiredOfThisNonsense,

3862774095 Just received a call at : fro --, same old story as others have received, about energy savings -  I immediately told her I was on the "do not call list" and asked her if she wants me to report her -  She said I can if I want to -  I told her I would do just that -

Post by ralh jhnson,

386-277-4095 This is a scam to find out where you live so they can rob your house and also sell your informationBe sure to report this to the FBI and they will continue to scam peopleDo your part to stop and put these criminals in prison

Post by John,

3862774095 My name says it all - BUT--DOUBLE shill alertEverybody qualified for this "free" service -  It just depended on who the robodialer hit -

Post by Yah Rite,

386-277-4095 Tried to call and set up this "awesome" service - this "great" business does not take incoming calls SSCCCAAAMMMM

Post by Nicole,

3862774095 Defiantly a scam - Wanted to know if they could send a tech out to check our furnace and show us how to save money on energy - - We live in florida - - Smh

Post by Scott,

386-277-4095 Called, left no message - Caller ID reads "unavailable"

Post by The Weasel Hunter,

3862774095 Just got a call from these WEASELS - Didn't answer because the callerID came in "Unknown Name" and I didn't recognize the area code and or number - The call rang three times and stopped -

Post by Yah Rite,

386-277-4095 Tried to call and set up this "awesome" service - this "great" business does not take incoming calls SSCCCAAAMMMM

Post by Scott,

3862774095 HaHa  Now the scammers are sending lying [***] to this site in an attempt to have us believe they are legit -  LMFAO  PS - ---, you are now blocked -

Post by D White, Miami FL,

386-277-4095 - Out of the blue late morning (EST) call from "Unknown Name" -- Area code not familiar (and far away) - and- Can't call the number back -Sound legit? Nope - Best ignored -

Post by Guest,

3862774095 Never leave message and only rings once if you call it back - Annoying

Post by Guest,

386-277-4095 Suspect scam

Post by Anon,

3862774095 Rec'd a call from this number today (during regular working hours, but as it was a holiday I was home) - Hung up the minute I answered -

Post by jane doe,

386-277-4095 scam answered and they hung up -  

Post by quit spamming me,

3862774095 pain in the [***] spamm phone calls - -

Post by Guest,

386-277-4095 Hangs up

Post by John,

3862774095 My name says it all - BUT--DOUBLE shill alertEverybody qualified for this "free" service -  It just depended on who the robodialer hit -

Post by Big Bob,

386-277-4095 Same old energy audit scam -  Foreign boiler room with really bad accent -  Could not pronounce a common female name -

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