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Recent Comments for 3862596095

Post by Andi,

3862596095 I don't know BUT they are VERY annoying  They call from different numbers all the time -  I tell them to remove me from their list and they either hang up on me OR they say okay and call back the next day -  OR they act like a little kid and say why why - - -OMG  

Post by Judie,

386-259-6095 -- called Sept , at : pm -  Caller ID MUKTIFEB Thank you notes -  I don't need drug dealers calling me -  BLOCKED

Post by Guest,

3862596095 Exactly the same as all the comments I have read here - Strong Indian accent - Calls several times in a day - Mentions pharmaceuticals - Has mentioned viagra - Was getting same calls fr - -

Post by zeorapowell,

386-259-6095 Zeora powell

Post by Bryan,

3862596095 These slimeballs are in India - FCC will do NOTHING -

Post by Guest,

386-259-6095 I've blocked this number but it still rings thru about every other day - WHY?

Post by Hardwood,

3862596095 These are flakes with accents from India pushing Viagra -  I don't need it or use it -I cannot understand them either -Where is Attorney General Eric Holder when I need his worthless [***]????

Post by Guest,

386-259-6095 Oki

Post by Guest,

3862596095 plea

Post by Ellen Wynne,

386-259-6095 They are very persistent and I am angry that they continue - I Pick up the phone and there is nothing there to tell them to quit calling me after numerous calls - Enough

Post by 440,

3862596095 Smut man, I told him his voice was enough to give me a hard-on then honked a can of horn spray in an attempt to blow out his ear  Been days -  But the call did come at least twice a day -  Wonder who, what where and why?  Must be stuck with Viagra investments -  The horn was left from a college ft-ball game and I said to myself what the Hell -

Post by A. H. Cumbie,

386-259-6095 Stop calling my cell phone - I do not want any orders from your company, now or ever -

Post by Guest,

3862596095 Called me twice at work - I am on a "Do Not Call List" - They called again in the evening - This time, I was able to take the call - I recognized the number from the persistent calls during the day - I told them to take me off their call list and hung up -

Post by Mary,

386-259-6095 Consistent phone calls from - I ignored them for months then I answered, listened to what they had to say and explained that I do not take any medications and to remove me from their list -Today they called and asked me if I am having sex with my boyfriend -  I never told them I had a boyfriend - I quickly hung up because that was very personal to ask -I don't know what to do they call - times a day - Sometimes from different numbers -

Post by Guest,

3862596095 constantly calls I have ask them not to call - they still call - I have yelled at them not to call - nothing works - really sick of it -

Post by ME,

386-259-6095 I am so tired of drug pushers from INDIA trying to tell me  and sell me ViagaraThey are insistent that I need VIAGARA,They call from MANY NUMBERS, including numbers that cannot be blocked - -such as I AM READY TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY TO FIGHT THIS CRAP

Post by Miss Malloy,

3862596095 A black African American called and said I needed more Viagra - I told him my boyfriend uses it and he wasn't in - Then he said that I sound "sexy" and he bets that he has something that was "big enough" to make me smile and sleep all day long -I said excuse me sir loudly and he responded your man needs pills but I'm built for long lasting pleasure -Then I asked for the name of his supervisor and he hung up - I intend to report this company to the authorities - Someone needs to stop these people -

Post by Guest,

386-259-6095 Mr - Nelson keeps calling and harassing me about money off my credit card - When I cancel the order - Please tell and make him to stop doing so - Cause if not, I will find some way to catch up with him and do it myself -

Post by dazcat,

3862596095 This a common phishing technique - To keep individuals off guard one party will call with on piece of information they have (in this case a prescription medication) - Initially all information is "possible" to a phisher, until it is confirmed by the individual - In this case you confirmed you were taking the medication and you had a prescription - It may be a few days, weeks can be up to a month before someone else contacts you - This time they have even more information - The next step is  not to specifically ask you personal information, but will bring up a piece of information they have that they want to confirm - Without asking you specifically to confirm your reaction and or comments when they mention the information will let them know if they have the right person liked to the right information -

Post by zeorapowell,

386-259-6095 No one here is calling you -  Invest in a call blocker and do not pick up on calls you do  not recognize -

Post by Windsor,

3862596095 Same here no answer or anything - Pains in the a -

Post by Anne c,

386-259-6095 The real question is - - - -why would you call them back???

Post by Tim,

3862596095 Viagra pushers from India

Post by Guest,

386-259-6095 I have repeatedly asked this company not to call me anymore and to put me on their do not call list - I asked this again today after receiving two caliph's from this number - The caller always starts talking about medications and ordering them from their company -

Post by mus,

3862596095 they call my cell daily, sometimes numerous times - instead of getting pissy and angry now, when they ask me what prescriptions drugs i would like to buy, i say ,,, worth - and then i put my phone down and carry on with my business while they are still on the line - granted, im drug free and used to take great offense when they would call and push pharmharms on me, now i laugh - today it appeared when they called they must be using apple devices, because i got a missed audio facetime on my ipad -

Post by Brittni,

386-259-6095 I don't need Viagra - -I have a [***]

Post by no blue here,

3862596095 I received numerous calls from numerous numbers all day - Am in a do not call list but they keep calling and now from restricted numbers - I have blocked numbers of theirs and have called the numbers back and all are disconnected but they call back from them -  I am all for a class action lawsuit against them -

Post by Jay McNeilly,

386-259-6095 Repeated calls from ()- and I want them to stop

Post by SOS,

3862596095 I received a call from them, but I missed it -  I called the number back and the recording indicated that the number (--) was not in service   Funny how they were able to call from a number that's not in service   What a load of crapola

Post by Mark,

386-259-6095 They are criminals working out of India, they ignore all US laws -  Call blocker is your best bet -

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