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Recent Comments for 3862182695

Post by Oh, sure....,

3862182695 - -like anyone would believe that

Post by Donna,

386-218-2695 Called at pm from Orange City Fl - Phantom caller

Post by Guest,

3862182695 Was for life insurance - Call was to a DNC number, recorded message saying it wasn't a sales call - Will be contacting FL Ins Dept to file complaint - United Life Assoc -

Post by Fantasy Fiction,

386-218-2695 Fairy Tales brought to you by Ima Nit Wit , illustrated by I - Ama Lyre and published by Shameon & Me -

Post by Guest,

3862182695 Caller didn't say anything when I answered - Heard a lot of static and upon calling back this number, replying that it is not a working number, determined that this was a scam spam call - We will not answer if we don't recognize the number anymore -

Post by Irate,

386-218-2695 Scum bags keep changing numbers - Very desperate for business - -or extremely eager to scam people for easy money - Hope karma bites them real nice and hard

Post by Guest,

3862182695 I told them that I am on the National and Florida "Do Not Call List"

Post by Bob,

386-218-2695 Some babble about this being a "US Consumer Alert" -  More robo babble about Obama Care -  Obamacare is just going to self implode - - -

Post by Karen Kuclo,

3862182695 These calls are coming from all over the state of Florida -  Most of them are from Boca Raton -  This one said Orange City -  They are currently coming almost every day - It starts with "This is not a sales call - -"  As soon as I block one number, another pops up -

Post by Guest,

386-218-2695 Spam

Post by Senia  Johnson,

3862182695 they call and I do not answer because I don't answer unless I know who is calling - -they hang up without leaving a message - -I goggled the number and it says Orange City, Fl -

Post by Guest,

386-218-2695 On call back get recording " your call did not go through please try your call again " In other words no answer

Post by Melinda Clayton,

3862182695 Calls frequently - Leaves no message - Unknown number -


386-218-2695 Called several times today, a Federal Holiday no less - I'm on Fed DNC list - Therefore any sales call that does not have express written permission is an illegal call - Some life ins company in Iowa hiring a call center in FLA is breaking the law - Could be an illegal legit call or a fraud attempt - Either way, they are wasting their time with me - I don't answer to anyone I don't know -

Post by Mark,

3862182695 This number has been calling almost everyday about some consumer alert about Obamacare, I have tried to call the number and all that I get is rapid succession beeps -  I have had to go to my Bright House account and have the number blocked -

Post by Guest,

386-218-2695 NO MESSAGE - -HANGS UP -

Post by Guest,

3862182695 static

Post by Irritated in Florida,

386-218-2695 Called to sell insurance - -but started with a pre-recorded message - I keep blocking then, but they keep changing the number - Doesn't the "Do Not Call" registry work???

Post by Guy,

3862182695 Labor Day - Robo recorded solicitation call for Insurance - Monotone, fast talking etc etc - I didn't hear the Company name but they started with " - -Not a sales Call", but it is -  As a reminder, everyone thinks they're on the Do Not Cal;l list but you have to renew every year I think, as I did - Doesn't kick in till next month

Post by lori,

386-218-2695 Thanks for the info - Didn't say anything when I answered, and now blocked thanks to my Panasonic phone -

Post by Fantasy Fiction,

3862182695 Fairy Tales brought to you by Ima Nit Wit , illustrated by I - Ama Lyre and published by Shameon & Me -

Post by scott,

386-218-2695 Sounded like he was trying to sell me life insrance and I hung up -

Post by Karen,

3862182695 Called twice in rapid succession - No message -

Post by Guest,

386-218-2695 constant calls all days all hours - no one answers if you say hello - no message left - c b says non working # - on dnc list, but it means nothing - called attorney that advertises on tv & was told there is nothing they can do - credit rating not high enough for them to help (+ is what they require) - complaint has been made to governing agencies - no help ther either -

Post by Guest,

3862182695 No message left -

Post by Guest,

386-218-2695 bb

Post by Guest,

3862182695 junk call

Post by Scott,

386-218-2695 Called, left no message - Caller ID reads "Orange City FL"

Post by lori,

3862182695 Nothing stupid


386-218-2695 My view is that no legitimate company would call people on federal holidays to solicit business -

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