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Post by Guest,

3862138702 Google

Post by,

386-213-8702 Called our business - CID said "ASSIST", so I knew it was a robocall - Yep, picked it up and heard a recording so I hung up -

Post by Guest,

3862138702 I am not pushing any bottoms you MORONS

Post by Steve,

386-213-8702 They are still calling -  I did not answer -  I never do anymore - Thanks to all who have reported them as a scam -

Post by Hank,

3862138702 Just another one of several Google placement scams I receive each Week -

Post by BostonHolly,

386-213-8702 I have a question for you guys folks here - I visit regularly, type until my hands bleed, but these entries are only research between ourselves, correct  ? is there any point other than that ? to learn about the callers for blocking them ?  cuz it seems like more wasted time as I never ever ever answer the phone anyway

Post by Pete Moss,

3862138702 CID says ASSIST -  Got the same call days ago from ,  Nomo Robo intercepted both -  Still a PITA getting the rings -  I think they are targeting seniors figuring that we will give them our money -  Call type should include "Scammer" -

Post by Guest,

386-213-8702 www -seattlecarbuyer -com

Post by annoyed,

3862138702 never ending saga of useless scams - - waste - daily basis using different scam numbers -anyone who got any suggestions to get rid of these idiotic morons ' sharon' or a class action will make themdisappear for a while and come back later under another scam - -

Post by Guest,

386-213-8702 calls from different numbers all year long - maybe if they call more times I will magically give them my credit card -

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Google Plus Page -

Post by Telescammed again,

386-213-8702 "hi this is Sharon you google seo - -" scammer -  This is yet again more of this crap with the exact same recording coming from multiple numbers -

Post by Mitch,

3862138702 Exactly  Just happened to me -  When I answered, then hung up -  Last week I told them I do SEO for a living and they just hung up -  Now they're blocked -  :D

Post by Guest,

386-213-8702 SPAM

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Same fake Google update scam new phone number

Post by FKR,

386-213-8702 SCAM—Recorded message promises to bring my business to the top of the Google Search -

Post by Ralph,

3862138702 I've saved this number to my caller ID under "scam" so if they call again I'll know to ignore it -

Post by Dave,

386-213-8702 Another Google ad scammer -

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Google spammers - Shut up

Post by Guest,

386-213-8702 Google plus page recording

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Prank call

Post by,

386-213-8702 This number just called me , I called it back and pressed , and then it hung up on me

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Google bot

Post by Ryder,

386-213-8702 I get a robo call from a different spoofed number almost every day - I didn't answer but my guess is that this is the same string of credit card loan solicitation scams as usual - I called back and got a recording asking to press if I wanted to be removed from the list - I did but I'll likely just get called more by doing so - I hate these scumbags -

Post by Guest,

3862138702 Fake google scam

Post by Guest,

386-213-8702 Google listing for businesses

Post by Ralph,

3862138702 I've saved this number to my caller ID under "scam" so if they call again I'll know to ignore it -

Post by Guest,


Post by JMdV,

3862138702 Turkey's Called, and I game 'em the "finger" - My KB finger that is, to come here and check 'em out first -Do NOT answer

Post by Bill,

386-213-8702 Called our office this morning, but hung up before navigating our IVR - Caller ID listed the number and "Out of Area" -

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