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Recent Comments for 3205344314

Post by Guest,

3205344314 JB Christensen

Post by Guest,

320-534-4314 Debt

Post by rondo,

3205344314 This number keeps coming up in my phone i told them the person they are looking for does not live here,

Post by sally,

320-534-4314 Well, I dont owe anyone any money so have no clue why they would be calling here - - they dont leave messages, and when I did finally answer today there was only silence the other end

Post by terry,

3205344314 They have been calling me on a debt that was acquired by my ex-husband while we were going through our divorce three years ago - He has paid it off - A few weeks ago they started calling me - The first time I answered there was no one on the other end - The second time I answered they told me they were attorneys that had been retained by the city that I once lived and then threatened to sue me - I hung up and called my lawyer - Lets see how they like that -

Post by FISH,

320-534-4314 I wanted to add they NEVER leave a message for me either and I am not going to answer it not knowing what it is all about -  You would think they would leave a message so they could keep proof of calls -  Bad Business - -

Post by FISH,

3205344314 I wanted to add they NEVER leave a message for me either and I am not going to answer it not knowing what it is all about -  You would think they would leave a message so they could keep proof of calls -  Bad Business - -

Post by marie,

320-534-4314 I can not belive people really do this for a living and feel good about them selves when they go to bed at night , go get a real job and stop scamming people - I know better and know they are not real, and are scams - but they called my sister and scared her, and thought it was real and they asked for my first name which was correct but they never told her my last name and she paid the bill, that was not even mine, thank god they only got her for a small amount and she only paid with a pre paid debt card and then she called me, and I told her you just got scammed I never had a bill under that company it is a scam, I had a hard time convencing my sister it was a scam - So I looked up the phone # and she tried to call it back a week later and no longer in service - she showed proof and got her money back thank god, but I really feel bad for the eldery they are the ones that get hit the worse the ones that are most easy to scam, I will admit some do sound very convencing and will throw out every scare your way as far as saying they are going to sue you and take your house or come to your work and arrest you - I report every scam caller I get - They need to all be locked up and throw away the key - PLEASE   PLEASE PLEASE  PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION OR PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE - IF YOU REALLY DO OWE ANY DEBT AND THEY ARE A REAL CREDITOR THEY WILL SAY YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME OR SEND YOU A LETTER IN THE REGULAR MAIL, ALSO BECAREFUL ANSWERING EMAILS TOO EVEN THOUGH MOST SEND YOU BILL REMINDERS OR SEND YOU STATEMENTS, DO NOT CLICK ON THEM THEY CAN MAKE THEM LOOK SO REAL AND ASK YOU TO UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION, ALWAYS CALL THE COMPANY YOURSELF OR GO ON THERE WEBSITE YOU KNOW IS SAFE - THIS IS ALSO HOW ID THIEFT STARTS AND CAN RUIN YOUR  LIFE FOR A LONG TIME TRYING TO GET THE MESS STRIGHTEN OUT THEY GET LITTLE BY LITTLE INFORMATION AT A TIME WITHOUT YOU NOT REALLY REALZIING WHAT JUST HAPPENED UNTIL YOU GO TRY TO BUY A HOUSE OR A CAR AND YOUR CREDIT IS DAMAGED - TRUST ME I KNOW, i WAS A VICTIM OF ID THIEFT AND AFTER + JUST NOW GET BACK ON TRACK WITH MY CREDIT AND STILL HAVE WAYS TO GO - I NOW PAY CASH FOR EVERYTHING AND NO LONGER USE DEBT OR CREDIT CARDS FOR ANYTHING AND I PAY MY BILLS THE OLD FASHION WAY IF THEY ARE IN MY STATE I GO TO THE PLACE AND PAY THEM IN PERSON I DO NOT USE ELECTRONIC BILLING FOR NOT ONE BILL - AND WHEN I SEND A BILL IN THE MAIL I DO NOT USE A PERSONAL CHECK EITHER I WILL GET A MONEY ORDER - JUST BECAREFUL THESE DAYS, THE INTERNET IS VERY HELPFUL IN SOMETHINGS BUT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE IN A SEC -

Post by Guest,

3205344314 They keep calling

Post by Guest,

320-534-4314 Unwanted call

Post by Guest,

3205344314 Unknown

Post by Guest,

320-534-4314 HSBC

Post by kd,

3205344314 Amber Warlock from this number(--) gave me her name(if real) and asked for me by a name no one calls me except close family members and pronounced my last name wrong -  She became confused and said she would call back later - They also show up on the caller ID as ARRAY SERVICES --

Post by Guest,

320-534-4314 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

3205344314 Annoying

Post by Claudia,

320-534-4314 it's a debt collector -

Post by cg1773,

3205344314 I received a call from this number today the man put himself off as being a lawyer and that they were going to take me to court on a Lowes account that had been paid off already - The man got real nasty and started telling me that they were going to sue me - When I told them to take me to court he strated telling me that I could lose my house and everything if I did not take care of the bill

Post by Santa,

320-534-4314 I have them set to go directly to never never land when they call - - ROFL

Post by Jill Duke,

3205344314 I have had my Number for three years and I keep getting these calls for Lisa - -I am not Lisa Don't know Lisa and am tired of getting calls when I have told them there is Lisa here - -

Post by Grip,

320-534-4314 My name is Grip - (alias)This woman jusst keeps calling us threatening us about a credit card that was initially - Now, it is Today, June , , I was threatened by her telling me what would happen when we go to courtI told her to let's go because I want a judge to hear what we have been through and how they shift from one collection agency to another and how - got to be - She was very rude to me and my wife -

Post by Carol,

3205344314 They left me a message and said they were with JC Christianson and needed me to call them back immediately -  Have no idea who JC Christianson is -

Post by Guest,

320-534-4314 Spam

Post by coopa,

3205344314 Man i just had some B who clearly isnt getting any at home -  She called my house gave me attitued and i dont even know the dude who she was asking about

Post by Balto,

320-534-4314 It is JC Christiansen, Debt Collectors - They call from many different numbers - If they call you on your cell phone, just enter the name as "ignore" and the next time you call you will know who it is from and not bother answering it - You do NOT have to answer these calls Also, never ever give out personal info over the phone, such as last name, SS#, Bank account #s, ect - If you do answer and talk to them, your best bet is to hang up on them - Even better, keep calling THEM back if you can call on a line that can't be traced - Remember that they have phone systems that are sophisticated enough that they can tell what number or business you are calling from, so be careful - Call them times a day if you can - Ask them questions, like can you have THEIR name and home phone number, and SS # - At the very least , have fun with it, and tie up their lines - They are "bottom feeders" in the debt collection business, and usually buy your debt at pennies on the dollar, and usually go after people who answer their phones and want to talk - If they say they are going to sue you, tell them to go ahead - At least they will have to show up in court, it only costs about - to make this happen - Make them crawl out from under their rocks Give them a hard of time as possible - Have fun

Post by DK,

3205344314 Woman named Reigh want me to call her before pm today, she did not say who she was or who she was with - Also mispronounced my last name -

Post by Carol,

320-534-4314 Update to my last message - they leave a message saying they are a debt collector -  I have been told NOT to pay them as the debt will still be on your credit report under the original creditor -  If you pay the debt collector the original debtor is NOT paid and can still report it on your credit report -  I owe nothing to this debt collector but they argue and threaten anyway -

Post by Guest,

3205344314 Do not know

Post by idkwur,

320-534-4314 Just got a call from this number and they left a message but was obviously a recording because all it was was the last numbers of a phone number - So the way I see it, if they can't get an actual person to leave me me a message and tell me who they are or where they are calling from, then I'm not gonna waste my time with them

Post by wilson,

3205344314 They are full of crap and the last comment is correct from Carol -  If you pay the collector it willopen up your credit report and start the process over again -  They can't do anything -  Had a Credit card that I paid off over years ago and they think I still owe them money -   I have sent certified letters showing a ZERO balance and still getting harrassed -  Now they are calling me at work and using my maiden name-- again over years ago that I used that name -  IDIOTS and bottom feeders is right

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320-534-4314 Annoying

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