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Recent Comments for 3203004842

Post by Guest,

3203004842 Just hang up -Dońt leave a message -

Post by tracy matson,

320-300-4842 asked for wrong person that lives here and threatened for police to be out and serve papers -

Post by Guest,

3203004842 Very similar call, this one from a female caller saying they had a legal summons to serve on an person I've never heard of - I told them I don't know the person, and never heard of them so the caller said fine - However, I started questioning her about how they got my home phone number in relation to this individual they're looking for and she couldn't give me a response I was happy with - So I questioned her about the company she works for - She claimed it wasn't a company and she couldn't speak about the legal case related to the person they wanted - I said I don't care about their 'legal case -' I told her to tell me about her employer - She hung up on me -

Post by MCM,

320-300-4842 This Person's name come's up on caller ID as Melissa, do not give them any information or even speak to them - This is a scam to Steal your Identity It happened to me They are under investigation

Post by Linda,

3203004842 This must be a bill collector -  They called and said they have a summons for someone, didn't give any other details -

Post by SNC97,

320-300-4842 received calls from this number with no messages, also called my mother's phone looking for me - Threatened my elderly mother with court papers if she did not give them my info - tried calling the number back and get a busy signal

Post by john,

3203004842 Same message from caller - - -wants to deliver summons - - -told me they were waiting for the police to arrive and speak to me - I told them I would hold and wait for the police and she told me she would call me everyday until I took the number -

Post by BB,

320-300-4842 Just got a call from my husbands ex-wife with the same message - Sending out a uniformed officer - Been divorced for years - Why would they call her? She is very ill and does not need the stupid people acting like this - I hope someone finds out who is behind it all

Post by ARB,

3203004842 I answered the phoneand a lady first said in English that she had legal papers for me - I told her that's fine, send them over - Then she said in Spanish the same thing as if I was supposed to [***] in my pants because she claimed to have some sort of legal papers for me - I told her in Soanish to send them over and hanged up - She called back - I answered again and told her that if she kept on calling I would place my phone on automatic dialing and I would keep on calling her for the rest of the day - She didn't call back - Some sort of scam since process servers don't call ahead of time -Also, about three weeks ago I received a similar call from another number in VA, area code , with with the same pattern -

Post by Guest,

320-300-4842 I got a call from this number first on my cell phone and not minutes later on my land line - The man stated the message exactly the same way each time and in the same voice at first I thought it was a recording - He stated that tomorrow an "armed, uniformed officer" would come to my home to serve me legal papers - -would I be home? When I told him he was full of crap and I would call the police if he didn't stop harassing me, he stated that they would start legal action whether I was home or not - These people are devious and harrassing idiots - They need to be stopped from this abusive behavior immediately -

Post by claim to be from court,

3203004842 This person first called me and hung up and called me again did not leave a message - Then i answered the phone and they were completely rude and un professional - They tried to get my information and i gave them a fake address and i said go a head and meet me here, I'll make sure to call the police when you do and make a citizens arrest on whoever lays a foot on my property w o my consent -  At that point the person  on the other line was a bit scared and said ok and hung up -

Post by Guest,

320-300-4842 These people just called MY EX HUSBANDS house in regards to my mother in law How the f*** did they get my ex husbands number?? They said they are sending ARMED GAURDS to serve papers for my MIL Granted, my MIL is a low life but my EX HUSBAND?? I am livid

Post by Guest,

3203004842 Just hang up -Dońt leave a message -

Post by john,

320-300-4842 Complete scam - Want to summons people to court - Tell them to FO

Post by Jay,

3203004842 Got a call on my cell from this number said they had legal papers they were going to serve and I ask who they were who the paper were for and she game me a name of someone that was not me an i ask her which town she was going to serve them to me in and it was Tampa, Fla I am in South Carolina about miles from Tampa I told her to call back again so I could put her on redale and keep daling all day scham

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