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3202825283 Received threatening phone call to include racial slurs and sexual innuendo from a person who identified himself as Greg Ellis and Janine who claimed to be the supervisor - Claimed to be from CPG Processing in St - Louis - I would like to congratulate Greg Ellis for being employee of the month - Whenever this scam is shut down and the people who are really making money from this scam are shut down you can thank your employee of the month Greg Ellis -- - His name and number have been identified in multiple scams to extort money identifying himself from a government federal agency (reiterates "it is not a collection agency, obviously you don't speak english") - So to his superiors the real people who are putting in their pocket from this scam…please thank Greg Ellis when your operation is shut down and the is no more If you have been contacted report report report to FTC -gov this is an real government agency that shuts down operations such as these - Also contact your State Attorney office in Consumer reporting - This ensures this "company" is quickly shut down - Be advised in the past months they have received multiple complaints and they all are under the name Greg Ellis - So thank you Greg Ellis you have made this a much easier process - :)

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320-282-5283 switch board number - no answer when dialed back -

Post by Trevor,

3202825283 Got a call from a guy claiming to be my cousin - Saying he'd gotten into an accident and needed money cause his insurance had expired and wanted a money transfer - When he called me back, i started asking questions and he kept talking to me in Spanish - When i confirmed that he was the "cousin" in question - i told him that cousin doesn't speak Spanish - He promptly hung up -

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320-282-5283 looking hard

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3202825283 i ghope this is good

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