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Recent Comments for 3202810819

Post by Guest,

3202810819 Called at : PM Unsolicited - Did not leave a message

Post by PO'd,

320-281-0819 Called at PM, didn't answer -

Post by Guest,

3202810819 Hung up as I answered - Did not leave message -

Post by Ernie,

320-281-0819 Got a call, no ID, didn't answer, no message - Just listed online as Minnesota Company - Familiar with organic consumers group, signed a petition - But, it sounds like a call center that does telemarketing -

Post by love 800 notes,

3202810819 Also called my home late after pm -  They do not leave message -  I do not answer  Glad I didn't - Im going to block it on my phone -

Post by Anon,

320-281-0819 BTW, they called me at :pm on a Thursday night - A little late if you ask me, for that type of call -

Post by Guest,

3202810819 Clean Water - fundraising

Post by pb,

320-281-0819 same -

Post by R,

3202810819 Called twice, didn't answer, left no message

Post by PG,

320-281-0819 Every day this number calls and when you call it back, you get a recorded message that "you have reached the mailbox for the Hudson Bay Company", a national call center for a  non-profit organizations -  No one is available now to take your call -  Please leave your name and a short message and someone will get back to you shortly" -  ANOTHER ** TELEMARKETING COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HONOR THE GOVERNMENT NO-CALL RULES -  And, there is not any way to leave an "opt-out" message -  My guess is this is a political fundraising campaign -

Post by Anon,

3202810819 BTW, they called me at :pm on a Thursday night - A little late if you ask me, for that type of call -

Post by drs,

320-281-0819 Called in the evening - - I didn't answer it - - no message -  I have suddenly been receiving calls from multiple known telemarketers so I expect this is the same -

Post by Guest,

3202810819 Asking to answer questions - Telemarketing questionnaire -

Post by Mary's Friend,

320-281-0819 Caller ID just gave number - Husband answered, no one there -  First time for this particular caller, but we get at least calls a day from "unavailable" or otherwise unidentified pests - They are wasting their time with us because we do not answer unless we know the caller or the number -

Post by bb,

3202810819 Caller ID said unknown name, we didn't answer & they didn't leave message -

Post by yep,

320-281-0819 same -

Post by PO'd,

3202810819 Called on SUNDAY, the jerks - CID says simply, "Saint Cloud MN -"

Post by Jack,

320-281-0819 I keep getting calls from the Organic Consumers Association and this is one of their new numbers - They left a message stating who they were -

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