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Post by Guest,

3202700010 Got a call on my company-owned Blackberry which I have had for years but hardly ever used - No message - Then today ( ) I got a call from -If you search this site, both numbers have people commenting things about security systems - Which in my opinion is ironic as heck, but there ya go - -

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 Called my work number in Maryland and no message left - I called the number and got messages first that all circuits were busy and then nonworking number

Post by Glenn,

3202700010 I was called from -  I didn't answer it and they didn't leave a message -Obviously could be a Robo call, Tellamarketer, or someone fishing for information -

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 They called my office number which is not published and will not show up on caller ID when I call out - I ignored it and they didn't call back -

Post by Guest,

3202700010 Recorded wireless security system call, "referred by friend or neighbor"

Post by Jackie,

320-270-0010 Just got a call on my cell phone from them - No message -

Post by Guest,

3202700010 Declined call - No message left -

Post by Anonymous,

320-270-0010 Call was a robo-call automated message saying you're eligible for a free wi-fi security system -Totally a junk call -

Post by john,

3202700010 I just got a call on my cell phone -no voice mail

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 miss the call

Post by Guest,

3202700010 The impotent question why u asking today?

Post by Jeff,

320-270-0010 Call from this number on my cell phone -

Post by Susan,

3202700010 Just got a call from this number on my cell phone -  No message -

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 Said I was referred by a friend and I could have a free home security system - Called my cell phone -

Post by Guest,

3202700010 Robo call stated I had been referred by a friend for a security system - First Alert claims that they are not behind the calls -

Post by Mass,

320-270-0010 Declined a call from this #, no message and currently hasn't tried again -

Post by Guest,

3202700010 Got one call today - I have an unpublished number and am on the do not call list -

Post by indy go,

320-270-0010 [***] with a phone

Post by Based God,

3202700010 Got a call from them, no voicemail, hope they slip on ice

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 unwanted call

Post by Guest,

3202700010 home security

Post by Concerned Citizen,

320-270-0010 Scam for theives to know that you don't have a home security system?

Post by pc boston,

3202700010 id as customer srv?  More home security junk wanting to put a sign or signs on the front lawn -  I not sure if they areselling home security systems or signs -  Clowns

Post by someoneannoyedbytelemarketers,

320-270-0010 just got a call on my cell, didn't even hear it ring, however, i'm not sorry about that now that I see posts -   as with many others they did not leave me a message either : )

Post by Guest,

3202700010 free home security auto message

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 Robot for alarm services

Post by Guest,

3202700010 declined call, no message

Post by mike,

320-270-0010 I think I have got this call once every week for a month now haven't answered no vm -

Post by Jonas Rechwitz,

3202700010 just played their game, manager says his name is RamiroI asked, how many of your clients are of ?he said %I said how many use the services?he said he doesn't knowI asked whos you're parent company?he hung up p

Post by Guest,

320-270-0010 fee wireless security system scam

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