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Post by uhane,

3202343290 This call is from or America's Next Generation Super Pac.  It is a right wing super pac.  Their agenda is or was to defeat Obama.  America's Next Generation Super Pac is linked closely to InfoCision; a controversial Telemarketing firm; InfoCision Management Corporation, who's treasurer and interim executive director is Matthew Palumbo.  Obama was born in Hawaii.  I was born in Hawaii.  Remember; the native American Indians and the Hawaiians had welcomed all these different people to their shores.  Being born in Hawaii does not make an individual Moslem.  Obama or Moslems are not your problem.  Your problem is with in yourself.  Hate is not a virtue.  Again 855 411-6569 is a right wing super pac.  Yes, they are asking for your donation.  You can link up with like minds at  Have fun.

Post by Guest,

320-234-3290 This caller keeps calling my number then hangs up also know as a heroin dealer in the area. When i call back goes into fax but also states it is a pay phone... this is very annoying and harassing to my family.

Post by Guest,

3202343290 leave me alone

Post by Dillywishus,

320-234-3290 Not certain who it is, but from the Knoxville tn area

Post by starfire,

3202343290 i keep getting the same And sometimes someone says they are collecting on a debt for someone unknown to me, then they say if you do not hang up or disconnect you are confirming you are the person and responsible for a debt and it switched over to recording saying the same thing..but ..they are speaking to an answering machine..:-? and the Human first answering knows that. i would call and tell them but i remember once picking up and same thing happened..and i could not disconnect call.  and i would not trust even speaking to anyone who does such practices.

Post by Guest,

320-234-3290 Playing games

Post by Guest,

3202343290 No answer

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