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Recent Comments for 3138793426

Post by Michael V,

3138793426 Keep getting calls from this number but I will not answer. I do not recognize it so I don't answer those at all. If it is something important then oh well. However I know this is a scam call.

Post by S.A.C,

313-879-3426 International call.  This is the scam.  They call you and say something stupid, rude or confusing.  You are frustrated so you call it back.  Over and over.  Until you receive a huge bill for call TRinidad and Tobago Islands.  Just don't answer the phone.

Post by Soniya,

3138793426 were they asking for money??

Post by Baker,

313-879-3426 Nat'l Dealer Service called to give me a "Final" notice that I need to take action on my warranty.  They didn't know my 2010 was purchased in 2009, or where it was purchased.   Just another warranty scam I would say.

Post by Guest,

3138793426 Received a text saying "hi cutie I saw your picture online we should cam on yahoo mssnger jen7878jen. I'm not online, I'm female, and I live thousands of miles from NY where this number came fr. Wrong number?

Post by Guest,

313-879-3426 I dont know person

Post by Alfalfa,

3138793426 She called and asked for me by name, then refused to giver her company name.  I hung up.  She called back immediately.  I told her she was a scam and she stated that I was an emergency contact listed and said Bull! and hung up again.  Caller ID said private the first FIVE times she called.  She left three identical messages after that.  The fifth time, she called from the number listed above ending in 7373 and the Caller ID read Wiiliam Brewer (Notice that William is misspelled).  Caller states her name as Veronica and says she is calling to demand the attention of  "my name, my maiden name, and a few other names all mixed up" - like from a people lookup site.    States a case number beginning with DA000-00, in reference to a complaint forwarded to her office that is registered against me. I need to call her at The firm and control of my case at 855-597-1483. Now if there is no response from you, then the Firm will be forced to make a decision on your case without your consent.  Good Luck.I recall another caller with the same "script" and representing themselves as the Internal Revenue ServiceS... I am reporting both numbers to Texas State attorney Generals Office and the FCC.

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