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Recent Comments for 3134470706

Post by alan david,

3134470706 They just called i thought it was just me till i read this

Post by Lucy,

313-447-0706 Just called my home phone, hung up, called back, its a bad number -

Post by Guest,

3134470706 Claims to offer eligibility for lower natural gas rate - - - -wanted to know if I was paid up to date on my bill - - - -I told him HE should know that if he was really from the Gas Company - He hung up on me -

Post by 1-313-447-0706,

313-447-0706 calls and hangs up - - -call them back and it is a none working number - - - -

Post by Chuck,

3134470706 Has called several times and I did not answer -  I finally did answer to tell him not to call back -  He wanted to sell me heating gas anyway -  I told him to send me some information and he promptly hung up -

Post by Kate,

313-447-0706 This also rang time (seems to be the magic #) - No message - Same old, same old -

Post by Anthony Zweiner,

3134470706 Caller left no messageFrom reading the other postings above, they want you to give them your account number and when you do, they will take over for billing you - as if you asked them to supply your gas instead of Consumer's Energy -  Even if they could (doubtfully) offer a better deal, I would never go with a company that uses deceit to sign me up

Post by karrie,

313-447-0706 Called me times in days and said something about a credit for gas account - -they needed my personal info and i said no and they hung up

Post by Boner,

3134470706 Criminals i suspect - -numerous calls daily

Post by Pat,

313-447-0706 Called and asked to speak to person who has a Consumers Energy account - I said just a minute so I could mute my TV and they hung up -P

Post by Guest,

3134470706 Trying to recover personal information through a gas account scam -

Post by JT,

313-447-0706 Just called mei in Michigan to say had a Consumer gas credit to apply and I should go get my bill,  they were required to hold as long as it takes, to go over some information - I said I prefer things in writing and hung up -  Beware -

Post by Guest,

3134470706 Caller claimed to be calling about my "consumers energy" account - I told him I wasn't interested - He said he would "note that" and said have a good day - Highly suspicious - Especially since this number isn't associated with Consumers Energy -

Post by Berni from MI,

313-447-0706 Same as the above from Barb R - from MI - - caller was from Michigan Gas,   wanted to lower my gas rate,which is from Consumers Energy -  I told her not to call me again I want nothing to do with anyone but Cons - Energy, and it is not her -  and hung up put the # on call block - Another annoying caller - - -  listed on ID from Detroit, MI

Post by TJ,

3134470706 Scammers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -DO NOT give out any personal info -  Just tell these people to go "F" off -

Post by Guest,

313-447-0706 Called and said I need to get my Consumer's bill to go over some information as I was entitled to a gas credit - I did not provide information and hung up -

Post by carol,

3134470706 received calls (hang-ups) from this # on caller ID within hr time

Post by Mike,

313-447-0706 Calls and then hangs up - Call the # back and it's a bad #

Post by alan david,

3134470706 They just called i thought it was just me till i read this

Post by chef norm,

313-447-0706 Got the same call saying they were Consumers Energy and wanted to go over my rate and account - Consumers Energy is not in, or does not work from area code - SCAMMERS -

Post by Barb R from MI,

3134470706 Got a call from pleasant sounding woman, who said we were eligible to get a lower rate on natural gas, based on new laws, and did I get information about that on my last Consumer's Energy bill?  When I replied that I do everything on line, she said, Oh, that's why you didn't get it -  She asked me to go online and just read meter or account number (don't remember which one); I asked if there was somewhere online I could read about this -she replied that it was under construction -  I asked her to send me something about it and she said, in a less pleasant voice, Yeah, sure, and she hung up -  Definitely a scam

Post by Guest,

313-447-0706 Don't answer when I don't know who caller is -

Post by Anita Smolik,

3134470706 I got a call today from a Johnny from this number asking me if I had a Nicor Gas account (Illinois),and if I was up to date on my payments - He said they could offer me a discount from a different supplier(but through Nicor Gas), and wanted me to get my last bill out for information - I said I prefer to get something in the mail to read it over, and also that I was happy with my current service(even though he offered to get it for me cheaper) - He finally gave up and hung up, which I'm glad of now that I read these other comments -

Post by Guest,

313-447-0706 Calls then does not answer

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