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Post by Guest,

3132822913 stalker

Post by Harold,

313-282-2913 received a call from this number today - My number is on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) national Do Not Call registry - It is likely a fake telephone number but that does not matter -  It does not matter what the live or automated (robo) caller says, it is likely false information until you are sucked in -  After you return the call to the number they provide (or punch the number they suggest), you find out the real reason and originator of the call - EVERY TIME I receive an unwanted call such as this one I report it to the FTC using its online complaint format -  It doesn't matter if it is a fake number or not -  I provide the date, time of the call, what the Caller ID displayed and the message if there was one -  This action lets the FTC know that people are tired of unwanted calls - and if the FTC want the reports to them to stop - or be reduced- they must stop the unwanted calls by imposing heavy fines or allowing the commercial providers such as Verizon, etc - to block the numbers - These SPAM companies individuals know that most people will not bother to complain to the FTC - that is what they are relying on -  Thus, they stay under the FTC's radar -  Complaining to this website, other than identifying the caller and letting others know they are not unique, does little to stop the calls - If more people would complain to the FTC and not just complain on this forum, the FTC WILL take action against these annoying callers -  The FTC does not act on one complaint alone -  It takes many complaints before they will take action - but they DO take action if enough citizens complain - You, too, can submit a report at:                https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panel After reaching the website, click on "Continue" which is located in the center of the page near the bottom -  Fill out the form by following the instruction carefully -  It only takes a minute of your time - Don't just get mad and vent on this website; get even by reporting the number to the FTC -

Post by Melissa,

3132822913 Keep calling and hanging up, they are very aggravating -  Have no idea who this is -

Post by Guest,

313-282-2913 This is a stalker i dnt want any txt from him -

Post by Guest,

3132822913 dont let this person txt my phone either -

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