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Recent Comments for 2694772153

Post by Just Pooped A Little,

2694772153 I think I just gave them too much info - -they asked about a collection I had a few years ago and I stated that I'd settled that problem already and the dude said "Thank you" and that was that - Now I'm sitting here worried that maybe it was just an attempt to get a positive ID on me or something - They had my date of birth and everything - -scary - The guys name was "Bryson" -

Post by EddieTheEagelRodriquez,

269-477-2153 Caller ID says "Per R" -- - I have no answer machine and I never answer callers who I do not know - I assume it is a solicitor, an unsavory bill collector looking for someone else, or one of those scam artists - Do not answer when they call -

Post by Bobby,

2694772153 I got a call just this morning from this number, they hung up when it went to the answering machine - Called the number back a few minutes later, politely asked why I was getting a call from that number - The guy on the other end was nice and polite, said that they were looking for a Paul Sanchez, and promised to remove the number from their database - Hopefully, this puts an end to that -This isn't the first time people have come looking for Paul Sanchez - I'm going to assume that Mr - Sanchez had his identity stolen and the perpetrator left a fake number when applying for various credit cards and whatnot -In the end: When dealing with a debt collector looking for a person at the wrong number, ignore it, call them back, and find out why they're calling - Be nice and polite, and they'll return the favor - They're not jerks unless you encourage them to be as such -

Post by Nikki,

269-477-2153 I just called them back and pressed * first, some lady named Kelly answered and it's RPM Agency

Post by Jenny,

2694772153 They call you and sometimes hang up after you pick up - They have been calling me everyday for almost a month now in the later eveningssays "per r" on caller id

Post by Guest,

269-477-2153 They called me as well & stayed quiet

Post by Celia,

2694772153 Caller ID states that it is from Kalamazoo, MI -They've been calling us every day for the past week, so I decided to pick up - I was transferred to a "representative" (who sounded very unprofessional) who asked for my mother - Once I asked him where he was calling from, he reluctantly said "RPM," giving no information on what the company was - He then gave me a number and told me it was "urgent -"

Post by someone who's very annoyed,

269-477-2153 Your cell provider might be able to block the calls -  Call them and ask -Or put them in your contacts list as "pest" and assign them the ring tone "no ring" -  It won't stop the calls but it will keep your phone from ringing while you are in class -

Post by zencat,

2694772153 many calls as late as in the evening

Post by Not-the-intended-receiver,

269-477-2153 I have received a call from this number several times now -  Always it is the same - -an automated response asks me to hold on the line -  Then the same sounding male voice simply asks for someone (cannot recall name, some girls name) -  When I tell him that that person does not have this number, I am hung up on -  I would personally like to ring this guys neck cause he calls at the most inopportune times and is forcing me to keep my phone on vibrate which means I don't always get the important calls coming in -  I don't get it, I have had this phone number going on years and now all of the sudden I am getting calls from this idiot which sounds like collections -  They need to update their database -  It's not like they can't do a little research and find out who is on this side of the phone, or at least find out that the person they are really looking for no longer has this number -  WTF?

Post by hammer 2586,

2694772153 I have a balance with T-Mobile from years ago - Now I’ve been getting these calls for a month or two and I did some looking and found out that it’s a T-Mobile collection agency - If you don’t pick up they will call up two times a day but if you pick up they can’t call you back that day and that’s the law - If they call back the same day you talked to them then you got them for harassment - But good luck pressing charges you really only have things you can do -    Don’t pick up your phone and or just ignore them -     Pay your bill -    Get a new phone number

Post by k.r,

269-477-2153 OMG - they keep calling me asking for a Maria also -

Post by Guest,

2694772153 They call about times a day, seriously, starting before am - When answered they put me on hold for a second then always ask for a different person, when told they have the wrong number they hand up on me -

Post by Guest,

269-477-2153 Bill collector

Post by Becca,

2694772153 I just got a call too - -Sheesh

Post by Bill,

269-477-2153 Caller ID says Receivables Per -  No voice mail left and I did not answer it -  Has to be some lame [***] collection agency -

Post by lambtd01,

2694772153 I have received multiple calls from this number -  Since they don't leave a message I never bothered to answer -  The one time I did answer I asked who they were representing and the person on the other end would not give me information until I confirmed my identity which I would not do - So he started saying ma'am stop yelling at me really loud a couple of times and then hung up -  Now when they call I answer the phone and just put it down without saying anything and make noise or talk to someone else so they know I am there -  You can hear the person on the other end yelling hello is anyone there over and over again -  Don't know if its a scam or what but they cannot expect anyone to give them private information without knowing what the call is regarding -  Plus the one person I spoke to was completely unprofessional and sounded like a total idiot -

Post by Melody Frye,

269-477-2153 Keep getting calls from this number and they won't leave a message -  When I answer a recording states that a rep will be with me shortly -  I refuse to get a call and be told to wait for a rep -

Post by Lucy,

2694772153 I have received several calls from this number and finally decided to call back - They told me that they were looking for some female (don't remember the name) and then apologized for the inconvenience and promised to remove my number from the list -

Post by OSCAR,


Post by Bobby,

2694772153 Just call them back to find out - Chances are, they've got a wrong number, and it'll be better for BOTH parties to get that sorted -

Post by LJ,

269-477-2153 I think this is where the calls are coming from: their website gives you lots of info about this company - www -receivablesperformance -com   They use other numbers too, such as -- -

Post by Guest,

2694772153 Collector

Post by Kiki,

269-477-2153 I've been getting these calls daily for a month and was getting them last year for a while - Well last year when Ifiled daily complaints on the Do Not Call Registry they finally stopped after a couple of weeks -  Now they're calling again so I'm filing more Do Not Call Complaints  Maybe if we all do we'll finally be rid of this harrassment

Post by Anon,

2694772153 Some jerk just called from -- Kalamazoo, MI and asked for Tameka Gregory -  I asked how they got my phone number and he said he did not need a lecture and hung up on me - RSC or something like that - He wouldn't give me any information - Of course I have had my number for about yrs now - I said this was harrasment

Post by Guest,

269-477-2153 i have had calls from this phone pickup one time but know one would talk - don't know who it is but sounds like a scam type of call -

Post by someone who's very annoyed,

2694772153 Your cell provider might be able to block the calls -  Call them and ask -Or put them in your contacts list as "pest" and assign them the ring tone "no ring" -  It won't stop the calls but it will keep your phone from ringing while you are in class -

Post by 17184145310,

269-477-2153 I DONT KNOW THIS PEOPLE THEY BOTHER ME ALWAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   JASBIR KAUR

Post by Guest,

2694772153 Called never say anything when I answer -

Post by Gio,

269-477-2153 This number has called me over the past several months -  They never leave a message and never call me at a time that I would pick up my office phone -  Very strange -

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