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2538290438 Girl free retry h

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253-829-0438 irrelevant

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2538290438 Admission representative from anthem college online.

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253-829-0438 I too got a call from a person telling they were going to serve me with papers unless I called that number. When I called, they said they were trying to collect a debt that they said I owed, which I do not.

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2538290438 Just FYI.... *******FRAUD********* there is no such address and this guy is using other phone numbers as well... on CRAIGSLIST.... Hello,    Thanks for the email,i am buying the dress for the bride as a a gift for her wedding.I am the pastor to the bride and really want to surprise her with this present.I am ok with the price of the dress and will also include an extra $ for the shipping to the bride's resident and please let me know if the money if not enough for the shipping.My mode of payment will be through Bank Certified Check and will wait till you have the cash in hand before the shipping to the bride.Reply me with your information such as your full name and address with a phone number to mail out the check and also you can have the posting deleted to secure my purchase.Philip S Braker arlington str.Edmonds,WA  --

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