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Recent Comments for 2533971491

Post by K,

2533971491 They won't stop - - Do you know who this person company is

Post by jlk,

253-397-1491 I got the call today and the only thing I listed my cell number was on CL, and that was today - They don't know that I listed the number as only text, no calls - I think the pizza thing was a good idea - I'm going try something along those lines - -

Post by Guest,

2533971491 These people are scamming - They say that they are with a "Geek Squad" and got notifications from Microsoft regarding issues with my computer - I have no computer issues - They want to be able to hack my computer and got very nasty with me when i told them i was not interested - I hung up on them twice and they kept calling back - I now have them blocked -

Post by Guest,

253-397-1491 My number is on a no call list and they call anyway

Post by Elizabeth Rodriguez,

2533971491 I just received a call from a guy with this number and he claims that someone is tring to hack into my microsoft account and I explained that the computer, the account, and the internet were not even under my name - I told him I was busy and he told me he would call me back tomorrow so I hung up - Tomorrow I will offer him dominoes and pizza hut like someone else did on an earlier comment, just to trip him out -

Post by 2533971491,

253-397-1491 This is a scam - They keep calling saying something is wrong with my computer - First of all i dont have one - I then started to proceed to tell him what i had to say and he started swearing at me then hung up -

Post by Guest,

2533971491 nd time today, calls and hangs up - We are a business

Post by Guest,

253-397-1491 called me several times saying there is something wrong with my computer is guys both with strong indian accents hard to understand they keep changing there number

Post by Hockeydad,

2533971491 They called and said it was reported that I had an issue with my Microsoft on my computer - I told him I don't have a computer I use notebook and pencil - Then he asked if I had a laptop -  I asked if he wanted Dominoes -  He then asked if I use a computer - I asked if he wanted Pizza Hut and he hung up on me -

Post by Guest,

253-397-1491 Says their is something "wrong" with my computer - I told him i was at work and could not talk to him -

Post by James Perkins,

2533971491 I have gotten several calls never answered till today - I told him flat out that I know about his scam and reporting this number - He told me there was a problem with my PC -

Post by camera buff,

253-397-1491 As per previous comments, someone trying to convince me that there is something wrong with my Microsoft account - Persistant & even rude - If you have an iPhone, you can block the caller - That's my plan -

Post by Guest,

2533971491 Trying to sell me something I don't need or want

Post by Guest,

253-397-1491 Calls me a lot

Post by Susan Kay,

2533971491 Just found a missed call on my cell phone for number -- -  Am just going to delete it -

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