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Post by manager,

2526239796 as a manager of a call center that has used this number before, the reason for the calls is because of new york being a deregulated state, which gives customers the option to pick and choose a supplier - i represent companies at my job - Not everybody thats calling you is a scam - And New Jersey gas and electric is part of U -S -G and E which i am a manager over - This company really and truly saves you money - They are in states doing this and they have a A plus grade with the BBB - Most of the companies out there is a scam - The utility companies in New York only have suppliers ones in Canada, Ct, and Pa - now U -S -G and E, has different companies that they purchase from - I know its a [***] job, but right now with the economy the way it is, you guys couldnt tell me that if you was looking for you work, you wouldnt take a job doing that - In all honesty you dont have to have a high I -Q to do this job, but I get paid pretty good - And I know you guys want to bash me for calling you folks lol, but just remember its our job to call you folks and offer a lower rate - And a piece of advice if you do switch to a supplier ( some are really good) make sure you do research on the one you choose - Stay away from the ones that give you gift cards and other goodies - those are the ones that lock you in - U - S -G and E has been in new york since selling energy on the nymex - Good luck to all and have a good day -

Post by Rhonda,

252-623-9796 recorded sales call "Attracting Cash Gifts -com"

Post by Guest,

2526239796 FUKK HIM

Post by Guest,

252-623-9796 Its a set up

Post by Ricky,

2526239796 Male ROBOcaller selling Personal Medical Alert System, most likely it's LifeWatch LLC in NY -

Post by Guest,

252-623-9796 they are rude

Post by Guest,

2526239796 Attn: Cars, Trucks, SUVs from mo Bad Credit No Problem For local listings, go to www -CoolCarsASAP -com??Car code LJVR??to unsub reply STOP?

Post by Guest,

252-623-9796 I

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