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Recent Comments for 2524291655

Post by Guest,

2524291655 (816) 341-1276 Text came from this number 1:27 A.M. 7/23/10 The text read: "loser" I have no idea who owns this number, nor why they would send a text.

Post by Guest,

252-429-1655 Get calls from this number, hen I call back says it has been disconnected

Post by Kim,

2524291655 Called and asked for me by name and then wanted to "verify who I was" before they would tell me what the call was regarding. I refused to give any personal information until I knew what the call was about. The caller finally said, "We'll just contact you at a later time"; without ever telling me who they were or what they wanted. My guess is a scam.

Post by Unknown,

252-429-1655 Why don't you stay out of other peoples business.  You don't know what in the heck your are talking about so butt out.

Post by Guest,

2524291655 This is a total scam. They will call every number that they can think of to bug you. They call my work number, they call my cell number, they call my sons number. I called them back and they informed me that they didn't have to disclose their name andor location and that I am being jailed. Give me a break. I know the law. I told them to stop calling me and my sons and if they don't, I will find them and sue them to the full extent of the law. Look up FDCPA and FCRA. I will be reporting this to the FTC as well and hopefully these guys get shut down. Since they have now talked to me, they have days to send information via mail.

Post by Guest,

252-429-1655 My husband is ill, and takes a nap about the time we receive calls from this #. It is identified as "SSI." I have begun hitting TALK and immediately I then hit OFF. That stops the call for the time being. However, it is so annoying to be bothered.

Post by Guest,

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