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Recent Comments for 2513382155

Post by Guest,

2513382155 I thought every time a dept collector called that they owe you 500.00 or a 1000.00 for harassing you. I also was told by somebody that when they buy all of those depts. they just bought them and made them their own.

Post by Guest,

251-338-2155 Everyday anoyning caller

Post by Guest,

2513382155 Bs Block this #

Post by Laure Denise Murphy,

251-338-2155 Debt collectors  tired of them calling my number When i have it and am not on the verge of homelessness and poverty stricken they will get their money, Until til then i would appreciate if they would leave me the hell alone

Post by r,

2513382155 got a call from them with immediate hangup -

Post by Zip Code 35209,

251-338-2155 Got the call from --, they asked if Rhonda Smith was there -  I asked them to confirm the Phone Number they were calling (it was mine) and stated that Rhonda Smith did NOT reside at this residence -  The caller how ever did not provide thier name, company name or a reason why they were calling -    I love it when some idiot who won't pay their bills gives them my Phone # -

Post by Edwin,

2513382155 They call me about once a month or every couple months (they called this morning) and ask for "Casey" (don't remember last name) -I tell them they have the wrong number and I hang up -

Post by jenn,

251-338-2155 Their so unprofessinal calling about a bill that they have no information about and they call and do not leave a message its for thomas hospital in fairhope

Post by Crazy Lady,

2513382155 Called my cell and wanted Christopher, can't say that I know anyone by that name -   I told them that they have the wrong number, we will see if they keep calling -  They are debt collectors -

Post by Mrs. Jones,

251-338-2155 Please REMOVE my phone # from your database - It is a number recently assigned to me, that has been recycled -

Post by Guest,

2513382155 Armstrong and Associates debt collector for medical bills -

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