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Recent Comments for 2506137242

Post by mary,

2506137242 called times asking to sell my mobile homes. look out... bad news...

Post by NoneOfYourBidness,

250-613-7242 I received a coldcall from 503-427-6458, a representative from Google (a reseller of google advertising crap), and he wanted me to pay him/them $365/mo for extortion to be listed "higher up" on google search results. Screw them, hung up.

Post by Guest,

2506137242 Weird messages

Post by Guest,

250-613-7242 keeps texting me although i have indicated it's a wrong number. has texted on 3 different occassions using a different name twice.

Post by Chris,

2506137242 If you get a call telling you to call this number DO NOT DO IT!  This is a classic scam that is going on all over the country.  They are attempting to get personal information (ie: Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) and/or to scare people into paying them for non-existent legal claims.  I get this same type of call about every two months...once your name is on the "calling list" it will be shared by all of these bogus companies.  The best thing to do is to call your local law enforcement, telephone company, and attorney general and report the caller.

Post by Guest,

250-613-7242 This caller held the phone hung up and then called back. I did not answer the second time.

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