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Post by Rita,

2503825719 I rec'd this telephone number on my call ID several times without a message. Today I was home and answered the phone.  The guy was telling me that they could dratically lower my interest rates on all my credit cards, etc.  I thought it sounded too good to be true.  I aksed ... what's the charge, etc.    I asked if they have a web site... I was put on hold and a girl name Leah came to the phone and said yes... it's down right now... it's  I tried the web site and it doesn't exist.  They have our credit card info and told me details about one of my accounts and asked for a credit card where I had at least $500 of credit... very suspicous... I kept asking questions.  She finally put me on hold and came back to say that they probably wouldn't be able to help me even though I have good credit and all my payments are paid on time, etc. and that they could save me tons of money without any charge or consolidation, etc.  Now I'm worried that they may try to charge on my accounts... they seem to have all my info at hand.

Post by Guest,

250-382-5719 So sick of these hang-up calls. There should be a law to protect us from these calls. Being on the National Do Not Call list certainly doesn't work!

Post by Guest,

2503825719 I don't know. Don't recognize the area code.

Post by Amanda,

250-382-5719 I've received many calls from a man asking for "Reynode". I've told him repeatedly that he has the wrong number. He's gotten mad at me and even yelled at me expressing disbelief. He yelled at me for not checking my messages (I thought it was my perogative not to).I hadn't received any calls in a long time when I got a call this time from a lady asking for "Reynode". I told her that she had the wrong number and she flat out said, "NO I DON'T!"I told her that I do not even know who that person is and reiterated that he doesn't live here and she snapped back asking, "How did you know it was a guy?!  Whatever!" She wouldn't let me explain at all and hung up.I called back and she hung up immediately. I called again. She picked up and I politely asked her to remove our number from her list. She said that she wouldn't and hung up.

Post by b,

2503825719 Scam

Post by Guest,

250-382-5719 Need this person name

Post by Lick,

2503825719 Recorded message to let me know interest rates and fees were waved this month because they want to help during these tough economic times.  Call back for details.

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