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Recent Comments for 2499581423

Post by Richard A. First,

2499581423 A Robert Lee supervisor of legal services, or Lt - of a police dept and several other titles with are unintelligible on answering machine - Calls about loan from another person, who does not reside in residence - I an not assocated with loan - My yr old mother resides with me, has a heart condition, calls upset her - She has been in ICU several months ago, do not wish a repeat -

Post by shergirl24,

249-958-1423 I don't know how to get this stopped, but I am here to tell you I did not get arrested today -  I owe no money, and all they are doing is preying on unwitting people who probably owe money to someone and think this is legit -  The law enforcement around here knows about, and I don't really know what good it would do to contact the Los Angeles Police Department -  You can look them up though - The last man I talked to with the fraud company said they wouldn't be calling my number again after Friday - Maybe that is how it gets stopped, since it didn't work the first time, they move on to the next unsuspecting person -

Post by Guest,

2499581423 This person is bullying me

Post by Guest,

249-958-1423 Insurance company?

Post by Guest,

2499581423 Said it was Insight Communications calling to schedule service because they will be in my area -

Post by GLD,

249-958-1423 Caller said he could save me money on the generation portion of my electric bill - He mentioned CL&P, but my electricity is delivered by UI -Asked him why he was calling as I am on the DNC list - Said it was a mistake and I would not be called again - Caller id was "unavailable", not a good way to get any cooperation from me - If it is a legitimate business and they don't display their name, they are not going to get very many to answer their calls - If it's a scam, come on at least get creative with a name on the caller id -

Post by Guest,

2499581423 Larry miller salesman

Post by Guest,

249-958-1423 don't know

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