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Recent Comments for 2496998928

Post by ticotexas,

2496998928 no message

Post by Guest,

249-699-8928 ur blocked

Post by Guest,

2496998928 calls and text about stealing email address calls ask for your name then hangs up if you ask for theirs could be a scammer watch out

Post by Guest,

249-699-8928 The number is a bit different, but I keep getting voice message calls from them about a "complaint" regarding nothing - -

Post by Noah Dougles,

2496998928 They are US personal loan company and they aren't scammers -They  just verified some details and they send some legal documents of the loans nothing else - -

Post by K,

249-699-8928 I've been getting several calls from the area code, though they are not all the same number -  They did not leave a message, and I'm not sure that they ever have -  The exchange is for a town called Conshohocken in Pennsylvania and serviced by Level Communications -  Two things I know from these facts: One, I have been through Conshohocken on my way to Reading from Philadelphia about ten years ago, and I can attest that it is not really a hub of industry that would cause some resident there to call my business , miles away (no offense to the residence of Conshohocken) -  And two, Level Communications, at least in my area, is an expensive, large-bandwidth, high-speed business internet and data provider, which tells me that this number is likely spoofed and dialed via a computer -  Too bad, because that will make it very hard to stop -  Highly likely this is spam -

Post by Lilko,

2496998928 at&t has that in ad

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