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Post by student,

2492895469 numerous times over the last few weeks here as well, ACtually this last week, from numbers from --, --, --, --

Post by Guest,

249-289-5469 Won't stop calling

Post by J L,

2492895469 Starnet - I'm editing this because they went from regular telemarketers to annoying telemarketers pretty quickly -Bianca FINALLY decided to google our company, and called back (as though I didn't know it was her) asking for one of our CEOs -He ignored her call - She called back AGAIN, and asked for me to page him because "Bianca was on the line -"I told her we don't have a paging system, She asked for his assistant (that would be me) and she started her spiel -I cut her off, asked her to please remove us from their call list -We'll see if she does -All your emails will be deleted -

Post by The Gibster,

249-289-5469 Received numerous calls over the past days from this number - Only --- showing on caller ID - Didn't answer it, they left no message -After third time today, I answered by mistake - There was a pause as the rep went live from his computer, and in a thick middle eastern accent said "Hehloah? -I answered, "Hello" -In a thicker accent he said, "Hehloah, my naime iz Michul (Michael), did youh apply forh a paydayh loangh (loan)? (You really gotta get in the back of your throat to match this bozo's accent) -I said "no" - There was a shuffling sound, and then the line went dead - Unknown if it was a phishing, scam, or some other sales pitch - Going through a lot of numbers fast, no opt-out in beginning or end - Sooooooo, probably phishing -

Post by Guest,

2492895469 Teller marketing

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