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Post by Dave in Anaheim,

2468237478 We saw hundreds of their yellow and blue fliers on the ground and noticed some of them had been put on car windshields along Magnolia Ave near King Market -  I asked one of the guys at the market who was cleaning up, why all these fliers were all over the place -  He said that this company had kids put fliers on cars twice today -  And that they had asked them not to do that in the past, but they still think it's okay to trash our community -  Those guys at the market are doing the right thing by cleaning up and painting away graffiti -  If you have a good business and treat your customers right you don't need to resort to this sort of thing -  Just because most of the shoppers are Hispanic and from the Middle East, it's not okay to trash the area where we live -  We would like to live in a clean area -  They wouldn't try to get away with this in Huntington Beach or Seal Beach -

Post by Jason,

246-823-7478 That is not possible - At least i have Verizon and i know that it isnt possible

Post by Guest,

2468237478 Sales person

Post by Guest,

246-823-7478 Dan

Post by Guest,

2468237478 SCAM "Lt - Greg Allen" - badge number : Trying to get , - from my wife - Claimed she had missed a jury duty and was to be arrested - (What a crock) - Demanded she go to bank and get money then convert to another form - Apparently he thought she should be giving to him - [NOT GOING TO HAPPEN]

Post by T,

246-823-7478 nothing

Post by Guest,

2468237478 block

Post by Guest,

246-823-7478 Was just a missed call - Prob - somebody I know but do not have their number in my phone as yet -

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