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Recent Comments for 2467504352

Post by Keyboarder,

2467504352 How do you report these calls to the FCC?

Post by Mac,

246-750-4352 [***] - Just got the call -

Post by kelly,

2467504352 i got one too  i didn't answer and they left no message -

Post by jord,

246-750-4352 Is this a company trying to sell debt consolidation?  I too got a call - Looks like they're calling lots of people this morning

Post by Matt,

2467504352 They called minutes ago - I did not reply - Does anybody know who is it?Also the area code is Barbados; weird -

Post by wasting my time and my cell phone batter,

246-750-4352 I tried calling back from a land bus line - call can not be completed as dialed - I have debts - I got one yesterday from

Post by diane,

2467504352 min agoreceived same thing -  missed call, no message

Post by M.I.A.,

246-750-4352 I got call at :pm central time from this number same thing and I'm located in IL - Old intel jingle three times and it disconnected - -If anyone gets any info please post it - This is by far the strangest thing I've seen in a while all these calls were one right after the other - How can we all have the same debt collectors calling us? Well I guess it's comforting to one were not all alone on this - -

Post by LKaye,

2467504352 They called my cell - I am in ohio, and did not recognize the area code so i did not answer it - is it a sales call, for real?

Post by stacy,

246-750-4352 got strange call with music sounds,

Post by Al,

2467504352 I got a call from this number as well - I didn't answer it - I tried to call back and got an operator - STRANGE - - VERY STRANGE I TELL YOU

Post by hector,

246-750-4352 Called me with the intel jingle and then it hung up -

Post by brad,

2467504352 Same thing on my cell -  Thought maybe I had won a free processor when I heard the Intel jingle, but just played three times & disconnected -

Post by Kathy,

246-750-4352 Me too, just got a call to my cell number, no message left - How did they get my cell?

Post by Ryan,

2467504352 Sweatervest

Post by jdavis,

246-750-4352 just go one myself - tried to call it back but won't connect

Post by booyabazooka,

2467504352 I just got this call -  Played the Intel jingle, I think, times, and then hung up -  This is weird -

Post by Keyboarder,

246-750-4352 How do you report these calls to the FCC?

Post by Ashley,

2467504352 yep i didn't answer, no message either - Hope we don't get charged that

Post by eyellock,

246-750-4352 I just got one too - Didn't answer either - - they didn't want me that bad if they couldn't leave a message -

Post by chrissy,

2467504352 i answered go the jingle too like at&t

Post by John Boettner,

246-750-4352 I got a call from this number on my cell this afternoon -  No answer except for an unidentified jingle tone -  Where do these people get these cell numbers and what is their objective? This is enraging because I have no idea what I'll be charged -

Post by It's spam,

2467504352 Left an "intel jingle" on my voicemail - Do not call it back as it cannot possibly be legitimate business that needs your attention -

Post by hector,

246-750-4352 Called me with the intel jingle and then it hung up -

Post by Elsewhere,

2467504352 Same here -  I answered and heard a strange "jingle" that resembled the AT&T jingle -  No one was on the other end -  I hung up -

Post by C. Myers,

246-750-4352 Got a call too at : didn't answer no message left - -oh well - Glad to know I'm not the only one -

Post by SAS,

2467504352 Got It too, from same location and same number -  Except the tone that I heard was the Intel logo tone -  Wasn't AT&T or T-Mobile that I heard -

Post by Julie,

246-750-4352 nv

Post by CURTIS,


Post by Karl F,

246-750-4352 Got a call about minutes ago but wasn't able to answer -  No message left -  Looked up "" area code and it was Barbados, I started nosing around on the net and found this site

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