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Recent Comments for 2463958673

Post by Wendy H,

2463958673 This number called on at : PM Eastern time -  Caller ID read Name Not Found -  Got an automated, recorded message (illegal) Stating they were Credit Card Holder Services of America and prompted me to dial -  I did and asked my number be removed (like every other time any number calls for CCHS) and was hung up on (like always) -  This needs to stop -  They call my phone at least once a week from a different number from a different area code -  This company has to be a scam for them to be doing this -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 at p pac time on Fri Aug th the phone rang-----did not know area code but answered it----I said hello abruptly----------call was life no recording---------then hungup-------I am on a no call list too

Post by Guest,

2463958673 It's a scam - They claim they can lower my credit card bills and wanted all sorts of personal information, including my credit card numbers - My response was "Gee, don't you think that if you were a legitimate agency, you'd HAVE all that already?" and they hung up - I've already been the victim of identity theft once and this stinks of the same thing - Avoid speaking to these people at all costs -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 spam

Post by Guest,

2463958673 I missed a call from that number today but they didn't leave message and I am unable to call the number back - I get a message telling me I am not authorized to call this number from my phone - I tried a reverse lookup at whitepages -com, there was no listing for that number -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 I don't know -

Post by Guest,

2463958673 Didn't answer -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 Credit card reduction

Post by Fred,

2463958673 -- called wanting to assist me with credit card balances - When I dialed "" an agent came on - I asked what the company name was - Then when I asked how he got my number since it is on the "do not call" list, he immediately hung up

Post by grgrycart,

246-395-8673 -- @

Post by Rhonda Einberger,

2463958673 We get a call from this number at least once a day - This needs to stop We are on the "Do Not Call" list

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 Nobody said anything

Post by Guest,

2463958673 Don't know anyone in Barbados

Post by trg,

246-395-8673 Yep, I received one also but did not answer - If they wanted me for real, they would have left a message -

Post by John Doe,

2463958673 One thing is that people need to know is that most of these calls are from either High school students or College using this type of scam to gain your credit card numbers, they are most likely using something to mask the real number they they are calling from, then when you press to talk to a person, it then routes your call back to a live person, when you call back the number on your caller ID, it is either busy or goes to a voice mail which is full -  The best way to get back at these people is act like your interested, when they ask for your credit card number say "hold on I will go and get it", then leave them hanging on the phone for as long as you can, waste their time just like they waste yours - One other thing before you hang up on them, if you can, walk over to your toilet, place the phone down by the bowl, and flush -

Post by Kerry,

246-395-8673 We got a call from this number today at : pm, central time - We couldn't get to the phone in time so the answering machine picked up - They didn't leave any message and when we tried to call the number back from our cell phone we got a message saying we weren't authorized to call this number from our phone - I tried looking up the number on white pages reverse look up but they had no listing - The only thing it said on the caller id was name not found -

Post by john,

2463958673 They just called me - They call me like times a week - This is really anoying - I'm just tired of that s - -

Post by redtapegrrl,

246-395-8673 i seriously doubt it -  the caller id when they called me said IMPORTANT -  area code is in barbados -

Post by Wendy,

2463958673 I received this call : PM today( minutes ago) came up on the caller ID as Barbados Call - -I just let it go to the answering machine -no message - -not important enough to worry about - -just hope it isn't one of those calls that uses your number to make long distance calls and we get stuck with the bill

Post by Susan B. Wiggs,

246-395-8673 I got a call from this number last night ( ) at : PM -  Scared me to death  This needs to stop

Post by Guest,

2463958673 Called no voice mail

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 They claimed to be a credit card member service for chase and that they can lower my percent for credit card debt - They've called three times now wanting credit card numbers etc -

Post by Jen Utah,

2463958673 Just got a called from this number to, didn't bother to answer -I thought I was going crazy - I don't know anyone in Barbados -

Post by kris,

246-395-8673 I don't want this number disrupting my home at such a latr hour of the night - This was very disrespectful - - - - -

Post by redtapegrrl,

2463958673 i seriously doubt it -  the caller id when they called me said IMPORTANT -  area code is in barbados -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 SPAM

Post by Kaye L,

2463958673 Received a call from this number at : pm and when I answered it asked me to dial - I dialed so I could tell them to take my number off their dialing system - After telling them I had no CC and to remove my number, man just hung up on me - I received call like this in the past and now it has started up again -

Post by SDN,

246-395-8673 Caller ID read Barbados - We did not answer - No msg left - Very annoying -

Post by Guest,

2463958673 Didn't answer - Don't know anyone in Barbados -

Post by Guest,

246-395-8673 Credit fixing

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