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Post by Guest,

2425536797 bike

Post by Surfer Joe,

242-553-6797 This fool sounds Hindu, keeps calling from -- voice and texting from -- asking for my address, saying he purchased a telescope from me on craigslist (a load of crap) -  He called voice several times (from --) saying the same crap, asking for my address -  He kept asking me if this was (my name and city), asking for my address again and again -  I've never owned or sold anyone a telescope whatsoever  When I tried to call the -- number back, my cell provider recording says we're sorry but we can't complete your call and hangs up -  When I called the -- number a female voice recording said leave a message - - I yelled quit sending me texts A-hole

Post by Jose Abraham,

2425536797 He called us too, but he claimed he would give us - million dollar  only if we send him a processing fee - HEs been calling us for the past weeks claiming he was working from Bank of AMerican his number was from Jamaica but he first said California, later he said West Virginia, and finally he said he was from LAs Vegas - When we asked what his name was he told us Richard White, then he said his name was John Mary, we then asked to talk to Clive Anderson, John Peterson, and some other names - Later when he found out we knew he was a scam, he start talking like we were friends - He started playing Bob Marley music, then we started playing pac, Lil wayne, Biggie and Bob Marley music and he started laughing and talked about how he liked our taste in music - Then he talked about Bob Marley and how good weed is - Then he started talking about his son and what music he like and how he smoked weed and drank - After we got on this site we told him everything you guys talked about and he got scared and hung up - THis guy is funny lol :)

Post by Guest,

242-553-6797 Stalker

Post by Sachin Saxena,

2425536797 They claim to be Bank of America - I think it is some kind of lottery scam

Post by Guest,

242-553-6797 No show and ask a lot of q maybe police

Post by Guest,

2425536797 Pay day loan sales attempt

Post by Guest,

242-553-6797 Idk who this is

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