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Recent Comments for 2420004266

Post by Tramguy 1,

2420004266 "ACCOUNT SERVICES"'Russell' claimed to be in Orlando, FL -  Would not give address of the company -We are on the 'do not call' registry -He claimed we did not respond the mailing, which is pure B -S -  There is no mailing and there never will be -I get this same company calling my cell phone all the time, this the first time I was home to get it on that phone -

Post by James,

242-000-4266 The Bahamas -

Post by fighting back,

2420004266 These crooks need to be stopped - They call under several different spoofed numbers and it is a recording from Credit Services offering to lower my credit card rates - Just another scam like the auto warrenty scam - That moron was caught up with and had to sell his cars to pay back the people he ripped off, so hopefully people will file a complaint with the FTC every time that these jerks call - I recieved my th call from them today in days with the usual bs and I pressed to talk to a live person and the [***] that answered was extremely rude and when I told her that I had already filed complaints with the FTC about their scam and that I was on the do not call list, she kept saying"really? do you think I give a damn about you turning us in?" and I said that I was sure that she didn't but I was going to every time that they call me and that they will get caught up with - She just laughed and hung up - FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FTC EVERYTIME THEY CALL AND YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL IN YOUR STATE - AND DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION - THEY ARE CROOKS -

Post by Jennifer,

242-000-4266 I have received several calls just this week alone from this number -  My phone company allows me to block unwanted calls at no charge but because this one is not a legitimate number it can not be blocked, so they just keep on calling - I then tried to file a complaint with the no call registry and also was told that i could not file a complaint again a number that does not exist -  But still they keep calling -  I have asked them not to call, and they just hang up, and are STILL CALLING -  This is absolutely ridiculous that nothing can be done -  For Pete sake we can put men on the moon but can't stop telemarketing scams, give me a break

Post by Guest,

2420004266 On Sept -- called with Bahamas showing on caller ID - -answered, nobody there -

Post by Nebr Fellow,

242-000-4266 I also received a call from -- -  But I don't answer a call from an outside area code number -I let my answering machine give them the following MESAGE -  WE RECORD ALL OUT SIDE AREACODE CALLS PLUS THE NAME AND PHONE NUMBERS--IF YOU DON T WANT YOUR CALLON RECORD--PLEASE HANG UP NOW -   This has put a stop to those unwanted calls -  They may try once more just to see if they get thru--but they won't try again - My phone has gotten real quietsince I give them the above message -  Try it it works -

Post by Guest,

2420004266 Two calls, no message left -

Post by Guest,

242-000-4266 I received a call from this number but didn't pick up - They left no message, and when I called back a recording said "number not in service" -

Post by Melanie,

2420004266 Just got a call from them -It came up on caller ID from the Bahamas - They did not leave a message -

Post by Philip,

242-000-4266 Received second call within two days from these people - Jasmine claiming to be from cardholder services - - I pressed to speak to representative who promptly hung up when I asked to be removed from the list -

Post by kk,

2420004266 Call said to press "" to lower my credit card interest rate -  I don't have a card but pressed "" anyway to find out why they would call me -  When the man answered the phone, I asked what card they were refering to -  I was then hung up on -

Post by Kl,

242-000-4266 I received the same message about lowering my interest rate -  Very slyly the don't tell you what credit card they are referring to, so you just take for granted that they really can do this -  Don't fall for it  As listed above, they only want to scam you

Post by Ben,

2420004266 Yup - they called me asking me to lower my credit card interest rate -Caller-Id said that the call came from the Bahamas

Post by PRI Phone Tech,

242-000-4266 Just as an FYI on phone numbers that look bogus:Most large companies and telemarketers use so many "phone lines" that they don't actually use phone lines, they use a T or PRI line - With this type of connection, these companies can program the PBX or Phone switch to broadcast any phone number they want - To the best of my knowledge there is no law or control over this as long as they don't set their phone number to display as another legitamite company - This is obviously extremely frustrating as how do you report a phone that really doesn't exist -

Post by NebraskaGal,

2420004266 June , approx - : p -m - CST received a call -  Caller ID announced call was from -- -  Did not leave a message on answering machine -  Can someone tell me how a phone call can come from a prefix -  It is my understanding that there is no way a phone call can be completed with out using a legitimate phone number and there is no phone company that would issue a as a prefix number -  That in my mind alone tells me whoever is behind this phone number is up to no good and to not even answer the call -  Thank goodness for Caller ID -  Before that always picked up and in today's world who knows what could happen -  But I know a lot of elderly people think I can't let that phone ring -  Why can't someone get to the bottom of these types of calls and put an end to them -  We all know that it is just another scam artist trying to steal your identity and clean out your finances -  By the way I thought that was what the Do Not Registry was for, to prevent harrassment calls coming in at all hours of day and night -  Another time again that our government has let us American People down and can't protect us from the predators -

Post by Dave,

242-000-4266 Number -- called with a scam about lowering interest rates and number -- called with a scam about Viking magazines - Also be aware of MYLIFE Reunion Search -

Post by Connie,

2420004266 I got a call from -- which my caller ID identified as a call from the Bahamas -  I did not pick it up -  I find it interesting I got a call from this number within minutes of getting another scam call (from --), both which occurred within minutes of my sending my email and phone number to a website online to obtain a quote for a cruise -  I'm very suspicious the phone calls are connected to that website - - perhaps hackers are into the site and grab phone numbers off it, or perhpas the website itself is a scam, I do not know -  All I know is I won't be going to that website again

Post by Fredrico,

242-000-4266 Received call from this number but did not answer -  As mentioned earlier, they can pick pretty much any number they want -  The prefix is an obvious giveaway that's is a telemarketer without even needing to google the number -  Another one to add to my reject list -

Post by Annoyed,

2420004266 I have recieved calls repeatedly from this number - I know there is no way it is legitimate with the exchange number (first digits after the area code) being all zero's - I just don't answer the call - I am so tired of scams - I have been on the do not call list since it came out, yet I still get these unwanted calls -

Post by GA,

242-000-4266 Received  a call from reported number -  Left no message -  I did not pick up; just looked up on this website to see what was what -  This was my second call today with a number that had a prefix -  What's up?

Post by CRC,

2420004266 Received call from this number around : PM -  Caller not identified - I do not  pick up phone when we don't recognize the number -  Caller left no message on answer machine -  They will regret calling me again  And who gets a phone number that begins after the area code? This is a suspicious call

Post by James,

242-000-4266 The Bahamas -

Post by ChrisV,

2420004266 It is a complete scam  First hear recording of a nice woman's voice state this is a call from Credit Card Services calling to lower my interest rates and to consider this my final call chance -  Press to be connected -  A man got on the phone -  He said I should have received a notice in the mail (of course, I did not receive any notice because the company is bogus) -  He asked for my name (I gave him my first name only) -  I asked him what credit card he was referring to, the last digits -  He said he did not have any of that information in front of him -  Really  Any legitimate company would be able to tell you the full name on the account and last digits of the CC they are calling about  He asked how much my overall debt was -  I told him I don't have a credit card and I do not know what card he is talking about -  He promptly hung up on me -  I have had this "company" call before -  I've gone through this scenario before and have gotten hung up on when I start asking questions -  I know not to give out any information -  I am a Fraud Agent for an online company in Nebraska, I know how to fight fraud -  I feel bad for the elderly that give out their names, SSN, and credit card info -   I wish I could get off their "calling list" -

Post by Jenifer,

242-000-4266 I just tried to contact the FTC to file a complaint and was told to file it through the nys do not call register, but the do not call register will not allow me to file because the number is not a legitimate number What the heck am I suppose to do?  I have done all other things listed in my previous message in addition to this and nothing is working  I'm sick of these calls EVERY Day at all hours -

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