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Recent Comments for 2407871342

Post by Janine,

2407871342 I don't know this number, have not answered when they call, but when I call it back it is always busy -

Post by MDA,

240-787-1342 I like the "Hello, thank you for calling the FBI" tactic - I would also add in, We now have you location and will be giving you a visit shortly - :) -  I wish these M F'rs would curl up and die There is no way the person that called me was from Maryland  He didn't understand a word I was saying -  I was telling him to stop calling my phone -  I think he only got training in English  of "key" words to understand -  At&t gives me an option to "block" unwanted calls coming into my phone -  Thanks At&t -

Post by Trina,

2407871342 Just got a call from then and I didnt answer - No vmail - I called back and the line was busy - Time pm-MST

Post by j,

240-787-1342 they wanted me to sign up for college -  Told them I had a degree they told me to get another -  I said maybe a graduate degree after I pay back my student loans -  They asked 'when will that be'  I told them 'k takes a long time to payback'  Went to private school -  Also told them I was on the do not call list and if they call again I will report them to the FCC -  They have not called back -  Calls came from India, heave duty pressure sales to sign up and give out personal info -  If you see the number do not pick up

Post by Santa Clara, CA,

2407871342 Call from this number at AM -  I am on the do not call list -  Did not answer -  No message was left -

Post by alejandro,

240-787-1342 they tried to sell me a online degree too it was some indian woman

Post by marilyn roth,

2407871342 I've been getting calls from this # for about days -  All I know it that it's from Mayland -

Post by Billie Purdy,

240-787-1342 I wasn't able to answer when call came in - When I called number back, got answer in foriegn language and then, nothing -

Post by Dan,

2407871342 Received call at : PM on -- - Did not answer - Came to Google to find this list of reports about it being something fishy -

Post by dave,

240-787-1342 Excellent advise - Any carrier should be able to do this -

Post by Steven,

2407871342 Answered call -  They asked to speak to "Charlie" -  I told the lady that she had the wrong number and she started in on a pitch for a college -  I repeated that I was not Charlie and did not wish to speak with her -  She said "Oh" and I hung up -

Post by A,

240-787-1342 I would block them if I had that option on my phone -I'll have to talk to my phone carrier - How would they know your name if you never heard of them? I think they're just guessing - Don't give them your name or let them know they have the right name just say they have the wrong number -

Post by Glenn,

2407871342 I was on another call when this one came in -  I called the number and received an automated message ( seconds) in Spanish -  It seems that everyone else has experienced an English call -  Unusual -

Post by Terri Howe,

240-787-1342 Asked my husban if I was here he said no and they hung up

Post by Barb,

2407871342 These people are scammers they are not telemarketer -  I would not put them in the same category -  they do not believe they have to follow the same guide lines as  a legimate telemarketer - I use to work for a telemarketing firm that  did follow the guidelines and these people need to be stopped - I am notifying the police dept and phone company that they  are using and filing a report with them - They must me stopped - We all need to pull together and get these people arrested -

Post by Mark from North Carolina,

240-787-1342 I have received two calls from this number and elected not to answer as I did not recognize the number caller -  This number called me at work (:pm) and at home (:pm) -

Post by in kansas,

2407871342 Caller sounded like he was from India, spoke with accent and mispronounced "linda -"  When I answered, caller asked for "linda," and  said he was calling for Diabetes Assoc -  I immediately asked that our number be removed from calling list and hung up -

Post by Lizzie,

240-787-1342 Why do these people keep calling - The are pain in the [***] - STOP

Post by margaret   baron,

2407871342 called my home asked for margaret Baron My husband told them was not home

Post by Pissed off,

240-787-1342 called for my daughter at midnight Saturday -  My daughter ni longer lives here -  The man in the phone said he was with an on line school -  My daughter has her masters degree and isn't looking for any school -  No legitimate school would call at this time in any case -

Post by Meridith,

2407871342 I hadn't thought of it before, do no call lists work for any number or just - numbers?  I am also on a no call list and received a call from this number yesterday -  I did not answer (I never do unless I recognize the area code) and hope they do not call again -

Post by ww,

240-787-1342 Don't know why I got this call -

Post by Christy Bowen,

2407871342 have no idea who these folks r or what they want but they can quit calling

Post by Chubby Watson,

240-787-1342 I have been receiving phone calls from this unknown number, when I call it back the line is perpetually business -

Post by MADDOG,

2407871342 I keep getting unwanted calls from this number ,same as most others on here -When I answer the phone they refuse to speak or they just hang up -

Post by alice,

240-787-1342 I have received several phone calls from this number, they are asking for personal information -very rude ppp and they do not say anything -

Post by MR,

2407871342 They called me today, it was the voice of a young man, and they ask for me, they said all of my name, and then the call got disconnected, so I called back but its always with the "occupied" sound - -

Post by mdast29,

240-787-1342 definitely scammers, I am on the do not call list but this number calls on a regular basis EVEN after telling them not to

Post by unknown,

2407871342 do not call

Post by gsmckee,

240-787-1342 called and hung up -

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