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Recent Comments for 2407202829

Post by Dwight Ausmus,

2407202829 Robo call claiming to be from the IRS and that I need to call them back at -- IMMEDIATELY -

Post by Rocky R,

240-720-2829 They robo-called twice today with a message saying they were from the IRS and that I needed to call back immediately before they initiated legal proceedings -  It is a scam, the IRS conducts all its business by mail -  Reported to State Attorney General -

Post by Shannon,

2407202829 This number called my landline times today and left the same message on my machine saying they were from the IRS and we needed to call back immediately - Tried calling back on my landline and the call wouldn't go through -

Post by Monica,

240-720-2829 It's NOT the IRS calling - just a liar & scammer who is probably in India or Pakistan -  The IRS does mail letters if there is a problem -

Post by Guest,

2407202829 Claiming to be the IRS wanting personal information and money - SCAM

Post by Rapunzel,

240-720-2829 This number called my landline times already today - Same recording as in previous comment - Supposedly from IRS - Indeed, if the IRS should have issues, letter will be received from the IRS -

Post by Monica,

2407202829 It's NOT the IRS calling - just a liar & scammer who is probably in India or Pakistan -  The IRS does mail letters if there is a problem -

Post by Guest,

240-720-2829 Leaves a computerized voice on answering machine telling you that unless you call them back they will pursue legal action against your name then when answering they claim in an Indian accent with broken English and a room full of other people that they are the IRS and need your info -

Post by Melinda,

2407202829 These people have called me three times this week - twice today - and left a message on my answering machine that I need to call them immediately as they represent the IRS and I am about to be sued for tax problems -  I have never had problems with the IRS and this is another of the current rampant scams -  Phone number they left:  -- -  Is there ANYTHING that can be done to stop these invasions of privacy?

Post by Guest,

240-720-2829 Recording saying I need to call a number for IRS problems - They called times in one day -

Post by Sarah,

2407202829 This idiot scanner from this number just called my Mother who is - These people have been calling her for over a year and sometimes as early as pm and as late as pm - I wish we could do something about these idiots -  They have her name correctly but we told them she moved out of state -  She does not need to be hassled by these idiots anymore -  HELP

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