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Recent Comments for 2405650264

Post by MRowe,

2405650264 no one there

Post by Gina,

240-565-0264 Hung up after rings -

Post by Kyle Dubinski,

2405650264 He couldn't even identify himself or the supposed group he represents - I belong to the Legion and the VFW so I just told him I gave at the office -

Post by Peg C,

240-565-0264 I never pick these up -  Blocking

Post by Guest,

2405650264 What good is the reverse phone lookup if these numbers are blocked? Why is it so hard to find out who these calls are coming from? The Do Not Call Registry is useless -

Post by Guest,


Post by Mike Hawk,

2405650264 Received a call from this number today, claimed to be from a veterans group - Said that they just sent out their annual mailer and would I like to make a donation now, or pledge to make a donation - When I asked them which veterans group they were calling from, USO, Wounded Worriers, VFW - -etc, They got very agitated and stated an American veterans group - So I said well if you are calling from America aren't all of our Veterans American? I was told to go f myself and hung up on - -I am going to assume this is not a legit call, the number originally came up at V

Post by Guest,

240-565-0264 Somebody wanting a handout

Post by Not Legit So Quit On Em',

2405650264 So called charity telemarketer

Post by Marilyn,

240-565-0264 saw this on my caller ID, did not answer and when I saw the other posts about it, I am glad I checked here

Post by Sue,

2405650264 Caller ID said Laurel Maryland -Didn't answer as I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know -Of course they didn't leave a message -

Post by ang,

240-565-0264 Shows up laurel MD - - - -man says his name is jeff (something) wasnt really listening - - - for a veterans assist group - I told him I dont make donations over the phone and told him I wasnt interested, his response was an agitated Ma'm and I hung up -   Dont waste your time answering - my caller I -d shows they've called before and do not leave messages -

Post by Guest,

2405650264 More of the telemarketing junk call stuff? Nobody was there on the line - - Being on the "do not call" list means nothing to these folks Whatever they are selling - I'd never buy just because they are annoying

Post by Kyle,

240-565-0264 I just got a call on my home phone from this number - Caller ID said Laurel MD - caller hung up just as I answered

Post by Craig,

2405650264 We've received multiple calls from this number, and each time we called back we never got through until today - The caller claimed to be from a veterans' assistance group but never identified which one and got nasty with my wife when she pressed for more information -I am going to conclude this is NOT a legitimate organization and anyone seeing this number on their caller ID should immediately block it - We are reporting this number as it seems they are violating the "Do Not Call" option we applied for -

Post by Bob,

240-565-0264 Called back a Veteran;s fund raiser - Have blocked future calls

Post by Guest,

2405650264 Called several times - Hung up as I said hello -

Post by Guest,

240-565-0264 quit calling - - you are annoying WE DONT KNOW YOU YOU DONT KNOW US LEAVE ME ALONE

Post by REMY,

2405650264 Caller ID "V……………" - - MAY @:pm EDT… I do not answer calls I don't know - They did not leave a message -

Post by Gary,

240-565-0264 I received a call from --, expecting a call from my doctor -  The call began with a recording from American Veterans Foundation -  I hung up -

Post by Debbie,

2405650264 Rude man wanting money - Hung up on me

Post by Guest,

240-565-0264 Never answer the call, calls everyday and I won't answer unfamiliar numbers

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