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Recent Comments for 2405071192

Post by Shirley,

2405071192 I get - calls a day from this number -  How do I stop them?

Post by tweetyt,

240-507-1192 these people call me at PM are you kidding me???

Post by Guest,

2405071192 caller had background noise but failed to say anything after 'hellos' from me - They then just hung up -

Post by Guest,

240-507-1192 Marketing

Post by Cat,

2405071192 That's interesting that they called you at : last night - They did the same to me as well - Then again at am, :am, am, and again at this morning when I finally decided I wasn't going to be able to sleep - I don't have anyone talking but I do have what sounds more like whale song -

Post by Irwin,

240-507-1192 Called at : am, now again - No message, said they would call back -

Post by kl,

2405071192 I also received a call from this number AFTER : pm -  I didn't answer but a message was left - -same thing as several other posts - -a bunch of background noise--people talking etc - So we have a place to "post" but what can we really do about it?  any suggestions out there?

Post by Margot,

240-507-1192 These are Philipino accents, it's likely the calls are coming from the Phillipines -The first time I got a call  was last fall -a week after picking up my test strip prescription at HMO Clinic -  When I answered A man said he was "Marvin" calling from the "National Diabetes Care Network," they had information that a person in our house-age -  was "living with Diabetes" -  Asked where he got the number (unlisted) He said  from an online survey -I  know that no one would put our  number on a "survey", asked him what kind of organization they were - He said "we provide educational help and do you have a person  between ages -x-x living with diabetese" - I told him he was off the wall and not to call again or we would report them - He  insisted that we did have someone wth diabetes, until I hung up -I was thinking why they had to give a  specific answer to "How get number?"-and  suddenly remem-bered how strongly I had noted odd, stilted behavior from the clerk at the HMO Pharmacy - He acted so stiff and almost shifty in handing over my pre ordered item, sounded like talking by rote ;when in years I've never had or saw one that was n't  relaxed and friendly -I called HMO Customer Service and said possibly someone was taking  info from patients cards - Rep was rude and said I should talk to head of pharmacy - Once on phone that woman listened intently as I told her, "Just to give them a heads up", she thanked me and said they'd ID the clerk from my receipt -On june  at pM same accent asking "Can I speak to (my husband 's first name - Asked who's calling-"Marvin from Diabetese Care Network -" I told him to never call here again, he kept saying "Are you the wife,?" - times I hung up, BUT- my husband is the name on our HMO account -

Post by Nancy,

2405071192 -- several times a day -  I don not answer but I googled the number and found out I was not alone in getting these calls -

Post by Stephanie,

240-507-1192 The phone number -- does not belong to the Diabetes Network at all - I called a spoke with them about it and it is a scam - The Diabetes Network is a clinic in New Mexico - The number that comes up on caller ID is from Maryland and if you try to call it back it will be busy because it is a mirrored number, probably to disguise someone from the Middle East that is trying to scam people out of their money, and they are preying on seniors because they think seniors are gullible these days -

Post by sam,

2405071192 keep getting calls around the same time - -: at night - finally answered - they said i owed some bank money - i never heard of any bank - then they continued to say if i can send them my bank statement's to prove i did not receive funds everything would be taken care of - Sounded of indian nationality - i hung up

Post by Ker,

240-507-1192 They called me at :pm, a woman with a very nasal accent identified herself as Justin (a real what the *&^% moment for me), and asked for me by name, first and last, then mumbled something about a follow-up call for a diabetic in the house - I asked her is she knew she was calling a cellular phone in the Montreal area and she stumbled, and ermed and hmmed and apologized -  I also told her there were no diabetics in this house - That was the first, and so far only, call -  I don't tend to put up with the scam calls on any phone in my home -The number was -- on my display, but no name attached to it -

Post by Guest,

2405071192 Spam

Post by Chiffon,

240-507-1192 stop calling us -

Post by Jbrown,

2405071192 I just got a call from this number on my work phone and my cell phone simultaneously - I don't know how they got my work phone number, but this is really getting ridiculous - Our FTC needs to use all of the advanced technology out there that is allowing this to happen to stop it - After all, aren't they there to protect the consumers? I have yet to see them do anything and yet they probably make more than all of us -


240-507-1192 this number pops up several times a day at my parents home -  they are selling diabetes products -  they are looking for donations -  they are in miami but the number is located in maryland, but about minutes ago, a new number popped up, from a company called STARNET, INC -  that number is --  told the woman that I have caller ID and she hung up -  so be aware -

Post by Katy,

2405071192 These ppl started calling a few days ago and call several times a day but leave no message - The call generates from Maryland -  Since we are on the DO NOT CALL list, I am reporting them - Anyone on that list should do the same -

Post by wowsers,

240-507-1192 I was short on cash  so I applied to a few online cash advances - A week later this same number calls me tellin me they were going to sue me over money they had given me - The man was middle eastern so he was hard to understand - I said what money and all he could say was ,:sir we have evidence" - He said they deposited the money in my bank account in december - I only laughed cuz the bank account he had was a newer bank I had been with since Feb - My concern is this creep has my Social security number , bank info, and ect - I dont know who to turn him into -

Post by Margie Nette Manley,

2405071192 To whom this may concern,I do not know why this person are people keep calling my phone ,and never answerI dod n't know how they got my number but I wish they would stop

Post by Sarah,

240-507-1192 This is one of the many crap callers I got when I got my number - They call and call and it's noisy but no one ever says anything, they hang up on me -  If they are telemarketers or collectors they are so bad at their job it's ridiculous -  At least learn enough English to say something you stupid pieces of trash -

Post by kl,

2405071192 I also received a call from this number AFTER : pm -  I didn't answer but a message was left - -same thing as several other posts - -a bunch of background noise--people talking etc - So we have a place to "post" but what can we really do about it?  any suggestions out there?

Post by Gail,

2405071192 Received several calls in past few weeks from this number - -they never leave a message -  Since we do not recognize the number on our phone ID, we do not answer -  They call at all times of the day and night -  Very annoying - -what can be done????  We are on the Do Not Call Registry, but it doesn't seem to be working, as we continue to get calls from telemarketers -  Where is the consumer protection?

Post by Mary,

240-507-1192 A call from -- - This was not a recorded message - The man said his name is John - (Ah huh) He correctly identified my name and even pronounced it more or less correctly - He told me that I am listed as  diabetic and am receiving medicare, both of which I said No to - I assumed he was going to sell me something or ask for donation - I asked him, "Who are you?" and he cut the call - Glad to see others are having similar problems, and I appreciate the information -

Post by R Smith,

2405071192 Several calls, no response from caller

Post by p,

240-507-1192 I have just finished registering a complaint with the DNC registry following the - Let's see if  this works - Thanks for your info, we're on the DNC registry but this call keeps coming through -

Post by lo,

2405071192 i got a few calls at : at night - its on my caller ID-That is definant harrasement

Post by Emily,

240-507-1192 I have seen this number several times on our called ID -  The caller never leaves a message -  I finally picked up and there was a three second delay -  The caller then asked for a man that does not (nor did) live at my home -  She then abruptly ended the call -  I didn't get a chance to ask where she was calling from -  But I find it strange that the company would keep calling our phone number since our voice mail clearly states our names -  Hmmm -

Post by LeAndra,

2405071192 Are you kidding me?  I got a call at : at night about diabetic supplies  She got my name all together wrong and the accent was horrible -  I tried to call the number back and surprise - - - the call does not go through -

Post by Anne Lucarelli,

240-507-1192 Calls around times a day -very rude -very inconsiderate - -has threatened me several times -"I WILL CHOP YOUR F-ING HEAD OFF - I have reported them to the State Attorney General several months ago -they claim to be investigating it -

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