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Recent Comments for 2404532908

Post by Ben S.,

2404532908 Received repeated calls claiming to be performing a survey on behalf of the Department of Education -  Calls persisted despite requests otherwise -

Post by clo,

240-453-2908 I was receiving too many calls from this number daily and I have filed a complaint with the FCC -  Just google Federal Communications Commission and follow prompts to file a complaint -  Took less than minutes -  If we all do this, hopefully it will stop -  Unless anyone else has a solution - -

Post by Nevada County Resident,

2404532908 AGREE -  These "spooks in Maryland" are a nuisance and a harassment -  I asked them repeatedly to place me on their "do not call list" and they stated they do not maintain such lists - Offered me to take a survey (they said it was in connection with a Southern California University), which I refused - Then I offered them legal action and they finally stopped calling -  Good riddance, buggers

Post by Rhod  Zimmerman,

240-453-2908 Got call from -- at :: Saturday November , on my cell that is registered with the federal "don't call" list - Did not answer - they left no message -

Post by SHARON,


Post by Mark Hardgrove,

240-453-2908 They call saying it is a suvey for the military -  Please ask them to stop calling -

Post by Shannon,

2404532908 A transportation survey that I did not take - Caller was insistant but agreed to end call -

Post by Ron,

240-453-2908 Please contact me regarding Westat -[email&#;protected] * *

Post by misty,

2404532908 Gated community lol

Post by PJ,

240-453-2908 I have asked them numerous times to stop calling as they are asking for someone who had this number before we did -  Now I see their number on Caller ID and just don't answer -  What's the point in me asking them to stop calling when clearly they won't -  I also told them this number is now owned by an octogenarian and elder harrassment laws apply - -to no avail -  I do write down when they call so when I do decide to answer, I can recite to them the days times they call when they say "this is the first time we have called" so as to call them liars -  It's just a pesty thing I shouldn't have to deal with at my age -

Post by grasshopper,

2404532908 calls from this number night after night, I want them to stop, I work shift work and find their calls annoying to say the least

Post by pop,

240-453-2908 Told them to please do not call and what do they try months later? They call me again -  :(

Post by Quint,

2404532908 Conducting a legit survey - These people are extremely annoying - They have called my wife's cell phone times in weeks - The times she has answered, she has politely told them she is not participating and for them to not call her back - Of course, they just call back the next day -She does not care that that survey is legit: she chooses to not participate and these knuckleheads should respect that and stop calling her -

Post by NS,

240-453-2908 Repeated calls - I tell them repeatedly to put me on their Do Not Call List - The last one told me they don't have a Do Not Call List - Won't get off the phone when I tell them to stop calling - Forceful, pushy & won't leave me alone - My number is unlisted - It is also on the federal Do Not Call list - This is an outrage - Can't someone shut them down or force them to have a Do Not Call list or scrub their list like other companies have to - This is where the government should be doing something - spend our tax dollars wisely & to force them to comply with the laws -

Post by Guest,

2404532908 They just keep calling all day everyday

Post by lmm830,

240-453-2908 They called last night at minute to PM -  I asked them to please not call me as I'm not interested -  Woman was persistant and just kept talking -  I advised I was on the do not call list and she stated that she did not care as she was doing a survey -  Suvey people are just as annoying as those telemarketers  They should not be allowed to call the people on the do not call lists

Post by DickStock,

2404532908 A guy started saying he was from "The US Government" and wanted me to take a survey - When I asked WHERE in the US Goverment, he answered "The Department of Defense" - I asked him two or three times not to call again, he was quite persistent - Finally I put the reciever on the table and turned up the TV - In awhile I checked and he was gone -

Post by DC,

240-453-2908 Mine was someone calling from a medical school for a study on media and advertising - Some woman left me a voicemail saying they'd keep calling me back - I'm on the no call list too -

Post by Cat,

2404532908 You are lying - You are not a person that works for this company - Or maybe you are - But you are certainly not posting this in the interest of us or our country - As the last poster said, you are nothing but a scumbag telephone solicitor - STOP CALLING

Post by Jasmin,

240-453-2908 Them why don't you leave messages and act professional, What have you got to hide - I am reportiing you guys on the DO NOT CALL List - You are annoying

Post by Nick,

2404532908 Westat buys lists of phone numbers from list brokers, who usually compile them from other companies you do business with -  Some of you people need to wake up, seriously  Whenever you enter your name in a drawing at your local mall, sign up for information about a product you may be interested in, etc, you are putting your name and number out there to be sold -  Be angry with the ones who sell your number, not the company who uses it to conduct valuable statistical research -  Westat's research spans from pressing NIH issues like cancer and obesity to NHTSA safety issues to childrens' welfare studies -  They are the good guys, people -  Many of their surveys ACTUALLY DO PAY a small incentive -  They respect your time -THIS IS NOT SOME COMPANY ASKING YOU QUESTIONS TO FIND OUT HOW TO SELL MORE THINGS TO YOU -  They are trying to make all of our lives better -  Do yourself a favor and answer the phone -

Post by Candycane927,

240-453-2908 It is a call from CDC to survey something for govt use -

Post by Nicholas Leon,

2404532908 I am habitually and continuously receiving phone calls from this number which I have no idea or reason why these phone calls were being made to my cellular phone -

Post by Scooter,

240-453-2908 You are nothing but a scum bag telemarketer - what don't you understand ? No solicitations period

Post by Jade-aki,

2404532908 I got a call from this number and i participated - Most of the questions were about my feelings, health situation, behavior, household, earnings, health care plan, and zip code - There was a question towards the end of the survey about my street address - I asked not to put my address - She said they'll need my address for the check - I asked if ican give her a different address - She was unsure if her system will take a different city and - zip code but i guess it worked - She is very polite and i think it is really about health care because of some medical terminologies and illnesses mentioned on some questions -

Post by Cat,

240-453-2908 Keeps calling my home and I have told them I am not interested

Post by [***],

2404532908 hope this is last time that i receive call from U - U know whay i mean

Post by Irritated,

240-453-2908 Received a phone call and was not home at the time -  The call instead of ending because of no person to person connection started playing music which continued until the remaining time on answering machine ran out -  Therefore I could not receive and further messages from personal callers -

Post by ex employee,

2404532908 westat is a legitimate company - Westat -com is their website - I worked for them(dont any more) They conduct surveys for the government about health,transportation systems, smoking,the swine flu, and about anything you see national statistics for -The way to get rid of them is tell them you are going to report them,you'll call your lawyer,  ask for a project managers name and phone number - Threaten will legal action and you will be removed - The person calling cant remove you, its all done on computer behind the seens - The people are hard working trying to make a honest living, not taking handouts from welfare -Although I hate westat because they treat their employees like [***], the employees for the most part are good honest people - And no its not against the law and is exempt from the do not call list because they call for the government and aren't telemarketers -If you live in California or Minnesota and are a smoker, you might want to do the survey to protect your rights - California no longer allows smoking in public places, beaches, golf courses, etc and cities are banning smoking even in your own home, all because of the California smoking study - Sounds a bit like Hitler to me - If you want to protect your rights, this is how to do it, and you wont hear that in the news -

Post by Josch,

240-453-2908 Hi Ex-Westat employee -Would you please email me at [email&#;protected] * * Maybe you can help me -  I am also an ex-Westat employee -  I worked there for years - Then I got sick and disabled and they fired me - They refused job accommodation and did a number on me -  I have heard other ex-westat employees relay   similar experiences - You get sick, you get fired -   Do you know of other instances like this happening? Or other people being fired without cause? Like you, I also have mixed feelings about working there -  The people in my group were great, hardworking, smart and sincere - The work environment, however, was not good -  It was like working in a factory, from the dingy little offices with the crappy carpeting to the way that work was structured - Luckily I was a higher grade, so I rated an office with a window -Unless you were a vice president (and they have a lot of them) you are treated like crap - Just an expendable number - When I worked at Research Blvd, there were employees, packed into little cubes or small dingy offices - Part of Westat's problem is that it was a very small company until about years ago and then they won some huge government contracts and  became a gigantic company -  As a result, people with little managerial experience who were with the company when it was small, rose to high managerial levels in the company when it became huge - Their lack of experience and people skills really shows - When I worked there, the top managers readily stated that Westat's  employee owned moniker is only done for marketing -   All of the power is in the hands of the vice presidents -  Westat touts extra employee-owned benefits, but I had much better benefits from regular for profit research firms than employee-owned Westat - Like dental insurance - One thing is for sure, if you work at Westat for any period of time, your teeth will rot, since that employee owned company does not offer their employees any type of dental insurance - Plus Westat is super cheap when it comes to salaries - They use a large number of Chinese aliens in the Health Sciences workforce - The Chinese are gross underpaid and kept in "slavery" by the Green Card -   Some of my Chinese friends left Westat in frustration, because Westat was so slow processing their residency applications (even though Westat promised to actively help them when they were hired - A friend who worked in personnel, told me that this was done purposefully by Westat, to keep labor costs down - When I was there, there were a few chinese physicians and engineers working in health sciences and being paid at the same salary as low level programmers -Overall, it's a very conservative company that is extremely regimented -  They make a big distinction between program and systems people, with the systems people being subordinate to the program people - An inordinate amount of time is spent on task lists, with little thought and emphasis on project outcomes and goals -If you can please contact me - Thanks

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