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Post by I dunno,

2404206029 Well if you Google the number there is a website that says its a number they use  HOWEVER - -I get scam calls from MY HOME NUMBER AND MY NAME-If that can be done then the same scammers can pick any number and make you believe they are actually calling from it  Their callback number is suspect as well  NEVER NEVER give out personal information on the phone unless you initiate contact to a verified location

Post by Just Joe,

240-420-6029 Mam, you should be ashamed of yourself -  Scaring people into giving intrusive, personal information with false threats and lies that they will be fined and or imprisoned for failure to complete this survey, whether by mail, on the phone, or in person -  The scary part is, you likely believe all the lies you've been told by the Department of Justice, Census Bureau -  Title and Title do NOT allow for fines and imprisonment except under extremely rare conditions - something that is left out in these lies -  Just go to YouTube and type in "American Community Survey" - and watch the HUNDREDS of videos of how these census workers use and abuse the system -  Further, check out the Channel   news story in in Yuba, California, where a women was shot & killed in her own home because of a census bureau worker showing up at : at night -  AND YOU SUPPORT THIS?  Trust me, you are the lowest form of a human being, and the lowest form of an American citizen -  And to think my father and son served in the military to protect this????  You people are SICK -

Post by Guess Who,

2404206029 Your post makes no sense -  Who are you addressing it to?  And how can anyone conctact you by email when we neither know who you are, nor have your email address??? Duuuuuh

Post by Ann,

240-420-6029 Bull I never agreed to anything - And i am not giving out personal info to anyone over the phone or in person if i don't have proof as to who they are -

Post by Cincinnati Joe,

2404206029 Not at home when called - Found on caller ID

Post by 91662,

240-420-6029 That's an idea to call the local census bureau -

Post by DON'T TRUST,

2404206029 I received a call from -- (Caller ID said "Census Bureau") the other night at :pm - my first clue that this could not possibly be from a legit govt - agency -  They left a message saying it was the United States Census Bureau and to call back and reference a case number -  They left a call back number of -- -   Of course, I didn't call back -  Immediately, something didn't feel right about this - Today I received two more calls from -- (Caller ID said "Census Bureau") - no messages were left -  Both my home and cell numbers are listed on the National Do Not Call list too -  Apparently that means nothing, but you can go to their website at:  www -donotcall -gov to register your number and file complaints -  Most telemarketers are required to stop calling you days from the date you registered your phone number -  I do not give out personal information ever over the phone, nor will I answer any surveys -  I was skeptical enough to research the phone numbers that called to confirm my suspicions of fraud -  I also checked out the US Census Bureau website at www -census -gov  and there is a number to call to verify that the person calling you is a Census Bureau employee:  --- -  They have regional offices where you can call to verify information as well -  The US Census is only taken every years and was completed in -  Personally, I would not answer any questions of any nature over the phone whether it's legitimate or not -  According to the US Census Bureau website, the Census Bureau WILL NEVER ask for your full social security number, ask for money or a donation, send requests on behalf of a political party or request PIN codes, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts -  NOR do they send emails or conduct the census via the internet -  If you believe you have been contacted as part of a bogus or fraudulent activity falsely representing the Census Bureau in an attempt to acquire sensitive personal information, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on their website:  www -ftc -gov   PROTECT YOURSELF AND DO NOT RESPOND OR ANSWER THESE CALLS -

Post by confused,

240-420-6029 It Is the real thing or not - -

Post by PAtrick Henry,

2404206029 They are exceeding their mandate, count the people, this is more use of the Gov't to impede privacy -    Alot of is wasted if this it true-->   pardon me, but other then every years, per the CONSTITUTION - -they can phuck off & kiss my [***] - - -

Post by Guest,

240-420-6029 Probable scam Unsolicited call to my cell phone - Supposedly Census -

Post by Michsunshine,

2404206029 Contact the National Processing CenterThe National Processing Center (NPC) is the U -S - Census Bureau’s primary center for collecting, capturing, and delivering timely, high-quality data products and services for surveys and censuses -For your convenience, NPC has three contact centers to serve you nationwide - Jeffersonville, IN; Hagerstown, MD; and Tucson, AZ -If you have been contacted about a survey or census andwant to verify that the person who called you is a Census Bureau employee,have a question about a survey form you received, orneed to return a call about one of our surveysplease contact us at one of these numbers:---   Hagerstown, MD---   Jeffersonville, IN---   Tucson, AZ---   TDD TTYHours of operation for the contact centers:

Post by Ann,

240-420-6029 They actually want to know how many toilets are in your home? I'll tell them none, we dig a hole in the back yard -

Post by blueladybug,

2404206029 calls and never leave a message I am on do not call list - -doesn't help though

Post by CR,

240-420-6029 If this were true, they would leave a message -  When this number called me today, July , , they left NO message - The real census bureau has called me, and they leave a message PLUS when I phoned them back, they said they would snail mail me information so I could verify it is really them and numbers in my home state and Washington so I could verify AND they Do NOT ever ask for a social security number - Period -

Post by Refuse to Answer,

2404206029 You are so right  Am receiving these annoying calls on my cell and refuse to participate in the little game being played -  IT IS A SCAM  Already filled out the Census and chose to opt for the minimum required by law -  Absolutely refuse to bend under Big Brother's tactics  They can just come to my house and see how I answer their damn intrusive information-gatheriing tactics:  The same way I answered the last census, with the law-abiding minimum info I had to give to them -  And for all of you who think this isn't a scam, keep continuing to answer their intrusive questions into your privacy and see where that gets you -  Time we as Americans take a stand against this kind of invasion of our privacy -  The Census should ask only a few questions, which is what it's meant to do, but has gone way beyond this now -  I opted for the minimum of giving them as little info as possible -  They only need to know how many people live in your household and that's it  Anything else is an intrusion of privacy -  What business is it of theirs to find out what your income is, whether you're employed, who employs you, what you do for a living, etc -, etc -  Don't fall for this CRAPAnd I salute you for your post and am one of the sisters of the Red Pill and yes, have that valued character trait of free people -

Post by Ken K.,


Post by lexington,

2404206029 This is a legitimate call from the Census Bureau -  Our house was chosen last year as a Random address to do follow up (more thorough) information for the Census Bureau -  We have met with them in person and on the phone for the last year and a half -  It's a little annoying, but they supplied us with all the official documentation we needed to prove they were legit -

Post by Curt,

240-420-6029 I have been getting called by someone who leaves messages stating census bureau and says nit is urgent and please use case id that was left on answer machine - calls times a day for the past weeks -

Post by cautious,

2404206029 Same call to me, too - -claimed to beCensus Bureau -  Wanted to verify info on my form -  He wanted me to give him my address, social security number - - - -ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like i'm gonna give that info over the phone to anyone -

Post by Guest,

240-420-6029 These fools called Sunday night @ : - WHAT government department works on the week ends??

Post by Fran's mom,

2404206029 These people have called several times -  I returned the call the first time, and the person who answered seemed insecure about what she wanted from me; hemmed and hawed and didn't sound professional -  I never received any forms in the mail that she was claiming I had -  She said the survey was optional, so I said "No," and hung up -  Since then they have phoned several times and left messages, including Sunday evening at : -  What government agency calls on Sunday night??

Post by Fred,

240-420-6029 telemarketers pretending to be with the US government -  Spammers, do not give them any information -  They are also making fake posts on these boards to throw people off about them -  The US government would only call from an "" number -ONLY and your caller id would list as"US Census" -  Any thing else is a lie

Post by big brother,

2404206029 got a call from this number and it seems to be the census bureau once again trying to take away my right of privacy - I'm On the do-not-call list and what's worse - - they are calling my cell phone number I believe the next ligitmate census survey is , not or They have no right to intrude do not answer or call back - They will eventually go away - -?or send someone with no credentials requesting for the upmost personal information that surely will be protected from any potential fraud give me a break we cant even protect our borders but the census bureau can gaurantee privacy??? give me a break Check their history, they have slipped in the past and published confidential information from over homes, yet they claim that was a mishap that has been corrected Good luck folks

Post by Read it again,

240-420-6029 They said the rep told them (verbally) www -uscensus -gov when you click it it just comes up page not available - Yes only a government agency can get a -gov Web address but anyone can make up a fake address to give you verbally -

Post by J Q Public,

2404206029 Anytime somebody sends something to my home marked "Occupant" more than once and then follows up with nagging phone calls asking personal information that could lead to identity theft I simply decline to be victimized -  If you really are the Census Bureau, then show up with a face, a traceable ID name tag and ask only general questions that pertain to Census Bureau numbers -  Don't ask me when I leave for work -  Don't ask me if I own a tube of K-Y jelly -  Don't ask if I've bought a rubber garden hose and lawn sprinkler from Wal-Mart -  Don't ask me my shoe size -  Don't ask questions regarding my sexual orientation -  Don't ask where I purchase bottled water -  What you may ask is how many people live at my address and their race, creed or color -  I may even throw in how many dogs and cats I own -  But, I won't tell you what brand of dog food or cat food they are fed -  My private life is my private life -  That's why it's called private -  If that's not good enough for you, then I shall have to give you some middle finger digital recognition and then proceed to slam the door in your face -  And, if you are still on my property by the time I call the cops and retrieve my licensed handgun then you will be in deep doo doo -

Post by wasmad,

240-420-6029 As of March ' the US Census's Community Survey group is using this number to verify information on forms returned in response to the survey -  If you do a Google search for US Census, and look under Community Survey FAQ's, there is a toll-free number to call in Maryland that will confirm that they are using -- -  But even better, they can just ask you the questions they need clarified and you're done - -and since you have called them, you know it's them -

Post by Guest,

2404206029 Very persistent--ID shows Census Bureau--calls come in any time of day night weekend - If we don't answer, we immediately receive another call from a area code with no message (SPAM?) Guess it's time to contact the Do Not Call Registry @ FCC -

Post by More Scams on the loose!!!,

240-420-6029 rd harassing call from these lowlifesFirst was from the -- number - - blocked -  Second from the -- number - - now also blocked -  This time from this number - - that too is now blocked -  From doing an online search on each of these numbers I found it's more likely than not a scam using spoofed numbers and fraudulantly claiming the be the Census Bureau -Thing is, I already did all that form stuff back in - - the year the actual (last) Census was taken and the next one won't be until - - years from nowI also did another online Search too and here's what I found - - people have not only been receiving many harassing calls from these three numbers but many others as well also claiming to be the Census Bureau----------complaintwire -org Complaint -aspx xJLDVv-IQDBgjKKciFACheck for yourselves (Google search Criteria: "notes - Census Bureau scam")So many numbers used, none matching those of any of the REAL CEnsus Bureau's numbers (including all their call centers) -  Most likely these numbers here are spoofed - - a tactic only scam artists use to deceptively attempt to steal personal information from the unsuspecting - - and possibly attempting ID theftNOT something any government realted business organization would do (no matter how corrupt they may be now a days)

Post by Karl Schneider,

2404206029 I have some Arizona beachfront property I will sell you cheap -

Post by Guest,

240-420-6029 Some kind of scam, they left message w case number -

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