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Recent Comments for 2403745400

Post by Anonymouse New York,

2403745400 They are scammers, tehy have my last name and first name -They said I owed tehm money from years ago but refuse to identify the debt from years agoI checked my credit report and I dont owe anything to anyone from years agoHow they got my first and last name and my cell# is scaring meI turned it over to teh local police department and filed a harassment charge -Since then I have not had any more calls :-)Do teh same, BEWARE---THIS IS A SCAM, NOT SURE HOW THEY GET PESONAL INFO -

Post by HappyEx,

240-374-5400 Got a call today from this number looking for my ex husband - This number was never his number and has always been my personal cell - We've been divorced for five years - I told them they had the wrong number and gave them no further information - I figured it was a debt collection issue, but they didn't give me a company name -

Post by wprestong,

2403745400 I got a call from them; they left a message with my name (which is a very common name) and said they were from Fair Collections and Outsourcing - They were calling about a debt - They called around noon on the th of July (which is a holiday here) - I have no debts -  I will not call them back; the more I get nagged by these people, the more I sympathize with the people who are trying to escape debt collectors -

Post by Guest,

240-374-5400 Telemarketer

Post by Guest,

2403745400 Collection agency bugging me

Post by Buzz,

240-374-5400 Got a call from this number looking for Cot - I asked who and once again they replied Cot - I said you must have a wrong number - They said sorry and that was it - This number has called several times before but this is the first time I have took the call - We will now see if they keep calling back - - -

Post by Guest,

2403745400 Creditors, not even for me -

Post by Eve,

240-374-5400 i was a debt collector for a while, we had many different ways of getting info, i -e - neighbors, relatives, and we had access to nearly everyones credit information, it was pretty freaky the info we had access to -  the best thing you can do is know your rights, the fair debt and collection practices act (fdcpa) was created to regulate the collections industry, bone up on your particular state rights and report them to a government agency -  if anything, record all the conversations, it is proof of misconduct -

Post by Guest,

2403745400 Creditors

Post by Natalie,

240-374-5400 Please these callers are rude and they call like times on s toe @ am - Ive told them they have the wrong # for months -  Om actually using my daughters old phone but their asking for me but wont verify anything including Lastname

Post by Noel Robertson,

2403745400 Whoops, there ya' go YOU'RE CAUGHT EVEN BEFORE YOU GOT THAT NUMBER GOING AGAIN You worthless dirt-bags think you're crafty - Only to find that - - - - - - -you're not even close Do you even ever think about what you're trying to do? You're scum - Does that cross your mind? Give it a thought - What are you? I couldn't live with myself if I were ever to do what you do - How can you wake up every morning knowing what you are? What you do? Do you think that you're a person? What are you thinking? Do you think? Do you wonder about how you may be judged? You do as you do in life - You're judged when you leave it - We all die - Some wonder - Some fear - Where are you going to be? Gunnar

Post by mca,

240-374-5400 They called me trying to contact a friend with an "important business call," but would only give me some acronym as the name of their company and wouldn't tell me what the company did -

Post by GirlKeni,

2403745400 They called my husband's cell # (?) this morning looking for our son who lives in a different state -  They would not give their company name or any other info - but wanted to have our son's phone # -  My husband told them they didn't give him the info - he needed from them so they were not going to get any info from him and not to call again  He then hung up on themSounds liek a scam to me

Post by angle,

240-374-5400 I actually picked up and said that im not the person whom they are looking for and asked if I can take a message - they said "no thanks anyway and will call back -" sound fishy -

Post by ailindria,

2403745400 We have never broken a lease in our lives, and we are getting calls from them -  Most of these debt collectors are not above breaking the law, using bullying or scare tactics, and harrassment which are not legal per the Fair Debt Collection Act -Aili

Post by Lee,

240-374-5400 Been receiving calls from this number -  They ask for someone who does not live here -  They call repeatedly -  Please have them stopped -

Post by Susan taylor,

2403745400 please make these annoying phone calls stop -

Post by Guest,

240-374-5400 Nothing

Post by NOYB,

2403745400 I got a call from them today and I did not pick up but he did leave me a message - Said his name was Tom Kelly from FCO (as stated above by "concerned citizen" he left his number too (which was the one he called from) and he went on to state he is a collection company trying to collect a debt - He just broke a California law right there because my cell phone greeting is an automated message and it does not state my name - I am going to report him -

Post by Danielle,

240-374-5400 Keep calling around am and leaving silent, -second messages -  Have never answered -

Post by Info,

2403745400 Several names have come up when they have called - The most recent being Fair Collection - Laurel and For V Johnson B has also appeared - Like most here, I do not owe anyone any money -

Post by cautious,

240-374-5400 I believe they may represent check n go or Ace cash checking - Both payday loan companies -

Post by Guest,

2403745400 Calling me twice within minutes - - really??

Post by Guest,

240-374-5400 Bill collector

Post by Guest,

2403745400 Wrong number

Post by Guest,

240-374-5400 Hoes

Post by Guest,

2403745400 wtf

Post by Guest,

240-374-5400 Too many calls

Post by Noel Robertson,

2403745400 I had FCO contact me about a debt that a apartment report and they call me around : - I ask them to vaildated the debt if I owe - I explain to them that the debt wasn t correct due to missing rent fund, unhealth conditions,and securtiy deposited? They didnt call back? I will be suing they landlord for predatory practice and peace and enjoyment -

Post by sasha,

240-374-5400 they've called me day in a row now - - did not answer

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