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Recent Comments for 2403453476

Post by Guest,

2403453476 Caller is blocked but continues to call several times a day -

Post by Guest,

240-345-3476 robo call

Post by Deborah Downes,

2403453476 calls at least times a day starting at : AM

Post by brian,

240-345-3476 several calls from this number last several days - -caller id says "found amer vets" - -I haven't answered any -blocking calls from this number

Post by Guest,

2403453476 Calls every morning before I get up leaves no msg -

Post by Guest,

240-345-3476 Only a name change, the idiot was some other name last month - Apparently their ability to amuse themselves has an extremely low level - I feel sorry for the parents - - -

Post by Guest,

2403453476 This is only a name change - The idiot was something else last month

Post by GVI,

240-345-3476 Don't give anything -  It is a fraud -

Post by GVI,

2403453476 Don't give anything -  It is a fraud -

Post by ELB,

240-345-3476 Every day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every dayevery day-----------all day----------every day--------all day ------every day

Post by Fed up,

2403453476 It's a good call but the goods are resold making the owner of this "foundation" tens of millions -

Post by Guest,

240-345-3476 Calls constantly - When I answer they ask for someone who doesn't live here,mother hangs up

Post by Same Call,

2403453476 Another unwanted call from -- on Oct -th at : PM and Caller ID displayed this time "Found Amer Vets --" and once again I let my fax machine take the call -

Post by Unavailable,

240-345-3476 CID FOUND AMER VETS but they left no message - Typical Robo-Scammer -

Post by Jojo,

2403453476 They call for donation for the veterans  the truth is they give % to veterans and keep the rest for themselves   Nice profit

Post by DoNotCallMe,

240-345-3476 CID: FOUND AMER VETSLeft no msg -Gotta be American Veterans

Post by Guest,

2403453476 states clr id found amer vets - a md number believe it another scam for money so beware give no info repeated called all times day and night don't take no for answer - GIVE NOTHING - keep changing bus name so tomorrow might be something else - give nothng FRAUD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Post by Guest,

240-345-3476 they keep calling for more donations can't afford this at all

Post by rose,

2403453476 calls several times a day several days a week at various times; frequently the call hangs up; can hear the computer clicks; says calling from Amvets and wants a donation -

Post by Guest,

240-345-3476 Extremely rude man calls asking for XXXX (my mother) and when I ask who's calling he says "I'll call her back, no message" Then hangs up before I can tell him she died a year ago - I would never donate to this organization -

Post by Ps,

2403453476 How many numbers to these idiots have - They have called times today - I'll donate to someone who actually helps people - Not themselves -

Post by Val Nagle,

240-345-3476 Calls at all hours, - times a day - -do NOT wish to get these calls

Post by rick,

2403453476 Everyday all day-  repeat everyday all day

Post by Please Read,

240-345-3476 Please Read:www -military-money-matters -com foundation-for-american-veterans -htmlgreatnonprofits -org org foundation-for-american-veterans   (one star out of )https: projects -propublica -org nonprofits organizations www -democraticunderground -com discuss duboard -phpwww -give -org charity-reviews national - - omfield-mi-www -bbb -org detroit news-events lists - - rity-donations www -charitynavigator -org index -cfm bay content -view cpid -htmblog -cleveland -com metro lack_of_oversight_increased_nu -htmlhttps: en -wikipedia -org wiki Foundation_for_American_Veterans

Post by FED UP,

2403453476 Just wanted to share the web address for the FTC in case any of you would like to file a complaint: https: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspxMany thanks to all of you for sharing your information with us

Post by Same call,

240-345-3476 Called today, Oct -th at : PM and CID displayed " --" - Since I didn't recognize the phone number, I let my fax machine take call - I don't answer my phone from numbers that I don't recognize, regardless who it is - If they can't display the name of their organization or the name of their company on Caller ID, not worth dealing with -

Post by Theresa,

2403453476 This is American Veteran's Foundation out of Sarasota, FL I believe -  That is what shows up on my Caller ID the phone number may fool you because they use telemarketers all over the US to call for them -  This is another organization similar to Wounded Warriors -  If you want to donate to these types of organizations do it directly that way the Telemarketer doesn't get any of your donation, plus you know it is really going to them -

Post by Dusty,

240-345-3476 Apparently this is an actual non-profit but they only spend less than % of what they take in on any charitable work -  The rest are spent on "expenses", including the cost to pay people to call and collect for them -  That is a terrible amount of waste of donations -  Please do research before giving money to any charity -   Also it's better to find the charities you want to support and contact them directly -  There are a number of online sites that review the charities and how much of their collected money gets used for charitable purposes -  It's a shame that good charities have to try and compete with all the scams out there -  That leaves it up to us to find those good charities and donate directly -

Post by FED UP,

2403453476 apparently ignores FEDERAL LAW by calling before AM  LEGITIMATE CHARITIES rarely call you - - they use the US MAIL The FTC seems to take action only when they receive NUMEROUS complaints so let's all file complaints with them -  If this is actually a fund raising company, they should not be allowed to represent as charities - - they receive a profit for every donation they get -

Post by FrankO,

240-345-3476 Answering machine picked up -  They ask for me by name but do not identify themselves so I do not pick up the phone -I am a Vet of years, including a tour in Vietnam and on a small disability -I gave twenty years of my life -  What else do these @e want me to give?Bet they have not served a day in the trenchesBLOCKED

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