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Recent Comments for 2402322197

Post by Ian,

2402322197 Same exact thing -  Thanks sooooo much for posting about this -

Post by JT in Georgia,

240-232-2197 same phone# & badge# same tax message  @: pm -

Post by Holt,

2402322197 Same thing here in Mississippi - Same "badge number" same phone number, same phoney line about being arrested - How can this keep happening? It's now mid-May and this has been going on since mid-March, according to above posts - Where is law enforcement?

Post by carla easter,

240-232-2197 SCAM

Post by B Clarke,

2402322197 I received a similar call threatening arrest if I did not respond to an enforcement action by the US Treasury Department - Of course, I ignored the call

Post by David,

240-232-2197 Same as everyone else -  Doesn't even say IRS - -treasury dept and that "you have tax fraud against you" -  Caller ID came up as directory assistance in Puerto Rico -  Same "badge #" - -  I feel sorry for older people that could possibly believe this -

Post by Guest,

2402322197 Scam-British female robo-voice states it is Legal Affairs from US Treasury Dept - about tax fraud - Original # on caller ID was ---also a scam number -

Post by KB,

240-232-2197 Just got a call from -- - -I did not recognize the number so I let it go to Voice Mail - When I listened to the voice message it told me that I was in danger of going to prison because of tax fraud - She told me that if I did not respond to this call it would be an admission of guilt and that I would be arrested -  The number that she gave me to call back was -- - I did not call back, instead I looked up the number and made a post -

Post by Guest,

2402322197 Same as all the other comments, especially liked the nerve that they said have a nice day - Oh the badge number was a nice touch -

Post by Guest,

240-232-2197 IRS fraud call

Post by Granny Sprite,

2402322197 The caller id for the call I received said "Michigan" and the number was -- (obviously a fake having the series in it) -Two things I don't understand are: - Why do phone utility companies allow fake numbers to be listed on a caller id in the first place? - The number they ask you to call is () - which (according to those in this blog who have called it) is a working number -  Additionally, many say they have reported this fraudulent scam to the IRS -  How difficult can it be for law enforcement (especially those in the IRS) to track down where this number is located, and if nothing else, have the phone company disable the number??

Post by Guest,

240-232-2197 Robot call - Same as the other comments - Something about Tax Fraud and the house? So stupid -

Post by Guest,

2402322197 Received a call yesterday, - It said the same thing - Slight British accent - I called back the next day - Recording says the person you are trying to reach is not available - I work for CPA's and know scams -

Post by Blay,

240-232-2197 Then I called the number back and the number who called wasn't in service and the number they told me to call them back rang times and then went to a busy signal, I wasted my entire morning on this, i knew it was a scam within mins thanks to looking it up on here and elsewhere about scams -

Post by lbd,

2402322197 Warning: I received a voicemail April , by someone with a British accent from legal affairs badge number saying I was going to be charged by the US Treasury Department for tax evasion -  If I avoid appearance for grand jury for federal criminal claims, I will be arrested -  The callback number was -- -  After searching this number I learned it was a fraud and did not call back -  Thank you all for the heads up - -

Post by Phil O.,

240-232-2197 Got a call from a female with a strong British accent detailing I am a target of tax fraud and to call their number to settle the account -  This person must be the dumbest scammer yet as to call someone from their landline and leave a voice message with a return phone number for me to call back -  Yeah, right -  I wasn't born yesterday and they must think I'd be scared to call them back -  This is a second attempt from a fake IRS agent in the last year -

Post by These people need to be stopped,

2402322197 Same message that Sue wrote FAKE IRS person

Post by Guest,

240-232-2197 Call claiming we have an action against us from the IRS - If we do not respond we will be arrested - Told to call this number back - The original call came from --

Post by Guest,

2402322197 We received a phone call from the same number as previously reported (--) - It was British lady with the same scam -

Post by bd,

240-232-2197 Got a msg to call -- regarding a "tax fraud" - funny the robocall uses a female english accent and uses words like 'magistrate' - the IRS is not that stupid - please do not get scammed by scum like this -

Post by MJScott,

2402322197 Received same threatening call this evening on my voice mail - It came in as directory assistance - Decided to call back - Man with a foreign accent said I was going to be arrested and did I have a lawyer - When I told him the IRS does not call people on the phone he said I was sent a letter weeks ago and did not respond - I said who are you and why are you calling me - He then said "shut up" Very very mean and rude - I hung up -

Post by Jane,

240-232-2197 I was told to call this number because of fraud associated with my name - Ignoring the call could result in criminal charges or arrest - Called identified badge from US treasury

Post by Not that dumb,

2402322197 Well as long as we are not using fuzzy math, that set of hypothesis will be ok -  Now as to the tiger, if I meet one in the forest, I won't have time to admit anything but that I am about to be dinner -

Post by Not that dumb,

240-232-2197 Well as long as we are not using fuzzy math, that set of hypothesis will be ok -  Now as to the tiger, if I meet one in the forest, I won't have time to admit anything but that I am about to be dinner -

Post by Guest,

2402322197 - Called to say I needed to call back to avoid arrest - Said this is a federal case - -

Post by Guest,

240-232-2197 Heavily-accented British robot with bad grammar left a message - Couldn't trace b c home phone doesn't have caller ID, but was curious whether it went anywhere or not - Wouldn't surprise me if it was originated somewhere outsied the US but using internal area codes as relays to hide its origin -

Post by Alexis,

2402322197 I also just received a call demanding that I comply with their demands, I however have a DSL number which gives no caller ID information -  I guess they just have a random number generator calling device and let it roll -  I did think it was a collector for the people that used to have the number prior to ours being assigned as our super fast Century Link DSL line (my husband works @ Century Link) -

Post by JD,

240-232-2197 Just received the same call about tax fraud and that I'm to call -- - -Person gave Badge # -What a joke - - -People IRS don't make phone calls like this - - -IT'S A SCAM -

Post by Katherine,

2402322197 Received a call from a woman with heavy British accent, calling from -- -  She sounded very excited, gave her badge number (), said I had a serious unsettled tax matter with the Department of Treasury and I would go to prison if I didn't take care of it promptly -  She left a Tel - No - ( ) and urged me to call in order to receive protection -  When I called that number, there was no response or any recorded message -  This is clearly a SCAM

Post by L. A. Pittman,

240-232-2197 Thanks  I guessed as much but figured someone could give some insight -  Many thanks and glad none of you got taken -  I would love to get those that are doing this and find a really suitable punishment -  Bet I could get lots of takers to help me decide what it was going to be -

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