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  • Protect yourself from scammers and spammers
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Post by Guest,

2402048755 Google plus local consultant robocall

Post by Guest,

240-204-8755 This is a scam, beware - The recorder message whats to talk to the business owner - My phone is a personal cell phone - A friend got the same call and he wanted to speak to someone - He said that they were calling about his ad on Craigslist, in which he has stated on the ad not to call or contact him with unsolicited calls - He said that they wanted him to pay them to sell his item(s), which he found out from another person it was a scam - He said the other person got the service and after paying for it he never heard form them again - You can place this number on the DO NOT CALL LIST, by calling --- - Also, I've been told that people are calling this number numerous times a day to get back at these low lifes - -give them a taste of there own BS - This will clog up their phone system with UNWANTED calls - -what a shame -

Post by Ming Lee Chow,

2402048755 Unfortunately many of these operations are based overseas and that makes it impossible to take action -

Post by Guest,

240-204-8755 Spam

Post by Alvin,

2402048755 I reached out and his name is Gabriel - I reported to National Do Not Call list -

Post by Guest,

240-204-8755 Google Business automated message

Post by kk,

2402048755 google listings robo call something about advertisement and stuff, I think this is for those that has websites -

Post by Ming Lee Chow,

240-204-8755 Unfortunately many of these operations are based overseas and that makes it impossible to take action -

Post by SS,

2402048755 Did not pick up, have received plenty of calls before - Previously gotten a robotic Google listing message -

Post by jak,

240-204-8755 Junk, do not answer

Post by Young,

2402048755 Call constantly

Post by Renee,

240-204-8755 Asking if I'm a business owner, then they hang up - I blocked the call on my iphone -

Post by Jt,

2402048755 spam

Post by Guest,

240-204-8755 Spam

Post by Caralyn,

2402048755 -- called my cell trying to sell me website design for my business - Funny thing, I don't own a business - I had a few hobbies but not an actual business - - They didn't actually give a business name just said I was concerning my business, then when I got a human on the phone they asked for my name but the moment I asked who they were they hung up -

Post by stephanie l,

240-204-8755 and again - -

Post by Guest,

2402048755 SPAM CRAP

Post by stephanie l,

240-204-8755 and again - -

Post by Jim,

2402048755 I don't answer unrecognized numbers and this is now blocked -

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