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Recent Comments for 2399355830

Post by Milly,

2399355830 Just received a call they claim  to be a company called Education Services -  Guess this is the New World where anyone can get your info via online services - -UGH

Post by briana,

239-935-5830 they just keep calling and wont respond when i ask who is this

Post by mrblueman39,

2399355830 you got a payday advance and you didnt pay it back so everytime they ask for you and someone tells them your not or your really not there and dont answer it so they try calling you from a legitimate collection agency # that you know that way you know its them calling, but this #'s  everyones talking about is a UTIMATED MACHINE THAT REDUIALS YOU AND THEY CAN MAKE UR CALLER ID READ ANY NUMBER EVEN YOUR OWN BELIEVE IT OR NOT THEY DO IT TO SEE IF YOU'RE AT LEAST MAKING AN ATTEMPT TO PAY OR MAKE ARRAGNEMENTS TO - but with this they can figure out if you dodging them so they end up selling your account to a collection agency

Post by Guest,

239-935-5830 Stop calling

Post by Guest,

2399355830 When did it become okay for consumers to be stalked by telemarketers?

Post by Claire,

239-935-5830 What I'm reading seems to confirm the pattern: I don't pick up their calls either - Have you done any online searches for jobs? This seems to be a frequent push, to hound us about continuing our education - All I can say is that other numbers calling about the same thing have stopped calling when I have consistantly refused to respond over a two week period

Post by jackieblue,

2399355830 Count me, they just called - I called back from a different number and they answered and  hung up when I told them to take me off the calling  list - How rude - -

Post by Sandi Strickland,

239-935-5830 I am unsure who this person is -  They call several times a day and do not leave a message -  I try and call them back and they hang up on you -

Post by Pricella,

2399355830 They started calling me about weeks ago and in the beginning I was actually speaking with someone who I've told already time to not call anymore - Now I get no answer calls from this number - Very annoying - Plus they call from different numbers so I never know exactly whose calling - I just block there numbers now once I figure out its them - Btw it is the educational services company -

Post by Barbie in CA,

239-935-5830 Yes "they" won't stop calling me, but the individual who said they answered "federal reserve bank" may have a great idea  I'll try that next time, or answer with the name of our Congressman - - maybe they won't call me back again and this has been going on for three months

Post by not Zem,

2399355830 I have been receiving harassing calls from Education Services for several weeks now asking for Zem (not my name) - When I confronted them and told them to stop calling or I would report them they are now calling from many different numbers, not leaving messages, and if I try to call back the number say "disconnected" - I have blocked this number but they continue to call from many different numbers - WTF? how can this illegal nuissance be stopped?

Post by Guest,

239-935-5830 No program

Post by Guest,

2399355830 spam

Post by Sniskerbibbles,

239-935-5830 Ok, this is really creepy, but I got a call from -- about weeks ago - - and from then on they called times every day I told my parents, and they called them back, but when they called them back, the phone would answer for to seconds then hang up - We tried this a few times - Then they still called, and they are still calling today - I answered the call today, and i said hello? and no one answered - About seconds later, they hung up - What is up with this?

Post by Kyla,

2399355830 Have you or your wife applied for any jobs on-line, or listed a resume with any employment services, like Monster or Career Builder? I ask, because my partner is job hunting and these idiots started calling the number she uses on her resume, not her regular cell or our landline - That means they're "mining" job listings and resumes for information - She hasn't made any "inquiry" about going back to school, but I guess they somehow figure that if you need a job you just must be looking to go back to school -

Post by dlh,

239-935-5830 I called them back and believe it or not someone answer the phone - I told them if they didn't quit calling me, I was going to filed harrassment charges against them - Let me tell you he got off the phone so fast -

Post by kristina,

2399355830 It is a school that wants you to futher your education but won't take no for answer

Post by kristina,

239-935-5830 This # calls me several times a day - I finally answered and it is a school to futher your education, and won't take no for answer - So i said I will not be going back to school anytime soon so  thanks and hung up -

Post by A.Wells,

2399355830 I got a message from -- - no clue who they are and will NOT answer their call -  Simply send to voice mail, which I do not have so they get NOONE ON THE OTHER END  Very tired of these calls -

Post by anna beth,

239-935-5830 Thank you for this link

Post by Guest,

2399355830 I want to be put on the do not distrub list again for -- & -- & -- & --

Post by murray,

239-935-5830 I tired that they never answer back except to call me more -

Post by Cora,

2399355830 This number -- keep calling and never leave any messages -  Very annoying, I wish they will a message or stop calling me -

Post by norman,

239-935-5830 calls don't last long enough to answer

Post by Dennis,

2399355830 Please stop calling

Post by murray,

239-935-5830 these people are calling day and night were they got my number is unknown how do you make them stop -

Post by JG,

2399355830 They are at it again -  They called on Mar - as well -  I seldom answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the number -

Post by Guest,

239-935-5830 I receive calls from this number at least times a day - One time, I called it back and asked them to take my number off their calling list - When I asked them what the purpose of their calls were, they said it had something to do with educational services - I'm educated enough to know a scam when I smell one - Hopefully the calls will stop -

Post by Guest,

2399355830 Seven times today

Post by ms,

239-935-5830 it's a continuing education service - I just called them back -

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