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Post by Dave,

2396735213 called here, machine picked up, no message -

Post by Guest,

239-673-5213 H

Post by 4th time,

2396735213 ^ make that times - At midnight this time -

Post by Wayno,

239-673-5213 I received a call from () on Saturday, January , @ : am (mst) -No message -  

Post by Guest,

2396735213 I have an android and downloaded call control and this app blocks unwanted spam calls - Nice to have -

Post by 3rd time,

239-673-5213 So far theyve called three times in about a week - Once on a saturday, and just now at :pm -

Post by robert,

2396735213 I received the same call, but I'm yrs old - I have medicaid but no medicare -

Post by Kaileena,

239-673-5213 said they are with Connect Iowa - Talk about giving false information - -Refuses to leave message and will not be getting thru when they call back tomorrow either -

Post by Karen Jackson,

2396735213 BEWARE - - THIS caller tried a new tactic - - and I almost fell for it - The call came in as -- from Florida - But when the same number called me back IMMEDIATELY it was like second nature to want to answer it - But I didn't - And you shouldn't either -

Post by BDE,

239-673-5213 i got a call on my cell phone no has this (my) phone number tell me how they got my number of coarse i didnt answer

Post by Castle,

2396735213 Scammer Phishing for information

Post by Guest,

239-673-5213 Wanted to do a survey in my area - Not interested and I hung up - Don't answer total waste of time

Post by joe,


Post by Matt,

239-673-5213 I got a call on my cell phone; I didn't answer it and no message was left -  I looked up the number on the internet and, as I suspected - found out it is yet another scam -

Post by Ramona,

2396735213 I laughed reading who they told you they were - I just got a call from -- saying they are Pesticide Researchers - They are cold callers that are out bound calls only, you can not call them back -

Post by Kelly,

239-673-5213 I think I can shed some light on that - I worked in a call center for yrs and the turnover rate is astounding - Mostly teens looking for a few extra bucks and they don't care about the job at all - I've seen it all - Maybe it had just became their break and hung up so as not to get stuck in a survey - They could have just stuffed food in their mouth and couldn't talk - Both unacceptable in that job - Sad to say but this type of behavior will never change - And the DNC registry exempts surveys because they are not selling or soliciting products -

Post by jo wilson,

2396735213 This is truthful -  Do you have a problem with the word truth?  You don't need a genius IQ to recognize just why these groups are calling -  Maybe YOU need more education on them, but I don't -  I've been through it too many times -  They are ALL glaringly obvious -  The lesson is, if you don't recognize the caller, research them before accepting their harassment -

Post by Stephanie Ruyle,

239-673-5213 We receive multiple calls a day from this number -  We never pick up, and are registered with the do not call registry and yet we still get calls -

Post by ronda,

2396735213 No you do not have to update it once a year - They made it permanent before the first year was even up -  By renewing it now, all you do is open yourself up for all the real legitimate business's to call you on top of all the illegal ones and the criminal operations - https: www -donotcall -gov

Post by Robin,

239-673-5213 Received a call today, he said he was taking a survey of technology use by companies; confirmed my location and purpose of business (they had purpose completely wrong) -  Then started asking about minority status of owners (female, Hispanic, etc -)  Told him I wasn't interested in answering those kind of questions and hung up -

Post by Lou,

2396735213 Persistent male caller asking for the owner saying he calling on behalf of the government and its important to talk to him - When I wouldn't give him a time or when to call back - He kept pushing -  I finally hung up on him -

Post by Enough is enough,

239-673-5213 Got a call from this number again today - Didn't answer but called the number back later - Message said number is disconnected - If this were a legit caller the number would be in service - I don't trust it and I won't answer it -

Post by JAY,


Post by Fed Up,

239-673-5213 Call log;Caller ID:THOROUGHBRED REDate TimeJan , : PM EST Callers not in our contact database are required to press a number to complete the call - Since the call did not ring in, the caller was probably a robodialer - Thanks to those who identified the caller as a survey - Here's what I found about Thoroughbred Research Group; Thoroughbred Research Group NE Pine Island Road E-E,(Bayshore Shopping Center)Cape Coral, FL () -

Post by Guest,

2396735213 Keeps calling I want them to STOP bothering me

Post by Ma Sands,

239-673-5213 Thank you - That would fit quite well, in my case - : )

Post by Fed Up in MA,

2396735213 Called at :pm and left no message -  CID read Thoroughbred RE -  I checked on here and found out they are a survey group - My call blocker is arriving on Saturday and they will be added -  

Post by 239-673-5213,

239-673-5213 the usual telespamming suspects -

Post by nonbeliever,

2396735213 I don't believe they have any official association with Medicare -  They're just fishing for info

Post by db who's Fed Up w/ Being Fed UP! (c),

239-673-5213 WARNING: Lengthy post - If you choose to read it I hope you find it worthwhile given the pervasive insidiousness and arrogance of these jerks -I use Selective Forwarding [ also referred to as Exclusive Forwarding ] to send the worst of my spammer scammer phone aggravators to our State AG's Office - -  ';)  But am seriously rethinking that after consideration of the following - -My system only allows numbers for Selective Forwarding and so far I've received calls from the following four numbers all from the these jerks at Thoroughbred Research Group - All are listed in recent Notes threads - Listed by Number, CID Name, Date of st call, what one gets when they're called back --- - Unavailable - --​ - when called back I get 'Call can't be completed'-- - THOROUGHBRED_RE ​- -- - when called back I get 'Health Plan survey - -'-- - THOROUGHBRED RE​ - ​-- - when called back I get 'Thoroughbred Research Co -, lv msg - -'-- - THOROUGHBRED_RE - -- - when called back I get 'Thoroughbred Research Co -, lv msg - -'For those who may find calling back an issue, I'd point out that my CID is blocked so they can't track it -Since they're using multiple numbers I'm cross posting this to the above four numbered threads which are still current - Numerous other number threads prior to late turned up on Notes in a 'Thoroughbred Notes -com' search indicating their use of multiple numbers which have been apparently discontinued at some point for whatever reason - Calling several of them got 'No longer in service' -My searching turned up this very interesting post containing the following pertinent info as posted by 'don on May ' at notes -com Phone -aspx ---  [ a number they seemed to have quit using RIGHT AFTER don's post since his is the last entry for that number ] -  Also found it posted in several other places -  Start don's Post Reposting this, as the contact page is now off of their website - [ I bet it is - -  Heheheheheh - db ]EMAIL THEM AND TELL THEM TO TAKE YOU OFF THEIR LIST -www -torinc -net index -php?pageContactThoroughbred Research Group Bishop Lane • Suite • Louisville, KY Telephone: - - • Facsimile: - -Jim Lunger - Vice President Data AnalyticsEmail: [email&#;protected] * * Telephone: - -Vic Walsh, PRC - Vice President Business DevelopmentEmail: [email&#;protected] * * Telephone: - -Brad Larson, PRC - Vice President MarketingEmail: [email&#;protected] * * Telephone: -Mary Lea Quick, PRC - Director Qualitative ResearchEmail: [email&#;protected] * * Telephone: - -Caller: THOROUGHBRED RECall Type: Survey  End Post I have called all of these numbers and they are legit, in service, numbers -  In the case of Jim, Brad and Mary, they actually answered, in other cases getting vm - I gave them the silent treatment as they give us -I'm tempted to revise my Selective Forwarding number to one of them in lieu of my State AG's office - Perhaps if enough of us were to do this and tied one of their numbers up with our worst spam calls to include their own they'd get the hint to clean up their act -From the above 'Thoroughbred Notes -com' search it appears their calls are currently only from the four numbers noted -  Given they're presently limited to these four I'm inclined to sacrifice four of my Selective Forwarded numbers to include them -  If they change up in the future it'll show up on the Scammers Call List I maintain and adjust my settings accordingly -Which brings me to this discovery - -  priceless - -As posted by 'Tom Wilkerson on Oct ' at notes -com Phone -aspx ---  Start Tom Wilkerson's Post Greetings from LouisvilleWell apparently our fine firm of Market Research has offended many even before our ever-polite call staff can apologize -   Sorry indeed, are we, that some will jump directly to profanity - not acting grown up at all -   All one needs to do is say - on the phone - Sorry, I cannot perform a Market Research right now -  Five seconds  Full service and field research used to be easier years ago when adults acted like responsible adults - (Some of us blame the cellular phones and over-control of computerized devices for reducing the public's patience)All Management is committed to sternly upbraiding staff who are not courteous - even in the face of a populace prepared to complain before even knowing about our well-earned exemption from the DNC -If you are not charmed immediately by the honeyed words of our Paducah workers, I will be amazed -  After all, we give them a few minutes to smoke, coffee, or -hour-energy snort Every Dang Day  Certainly, as Americans (even if we sound funny to some Northerners) our efficiency at preserving the Market System by detecting trends fads and fashions among you is a worthy ResearchCalm down and do not complain -   Your numbers are all permanently in the system -  There are only so many hours a day each of you can be called -  Relax and sip something appropriate, put Thouroughbred Research and or Wilkerson Associates on a phone's speakerphone and have a party with usI remain, grandly yours,Thomas Wilkerson,Wilkerson Associates at () - or () -Caller: Thourough Re-sponseCall Type: Survey  End Post Research shows that Wilkerson Associates are were one and the same as Thoroughbred Research Group - - that -- is their main number, AND that -- is the number listed for and presently answered personally by Jim Lunger - Vice President Data Analytics, so it appears that Mr - Lunger may now hold the position once held by Mr - Wilkerson, but in any case is a REAL person at a REAL number for this bunch of aggravators -Even better reason to turn their calls back on themselves -Any takers?  Given that Mr - Lunger's number is the same as this pompous [***] Wilkerson's was, I suggest that everyone who decides to boomerang calls on 'um to use his number - ---And dontcha jes love their motto at www -torinc -net - -  'Preemptive -  Proactive -  Projective -'  Arrggghhhhhhhdb who's Fed Up w Being Fed UP (c)

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