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Recent Comments for 2394914157

Post by Randolph,

2394914157 at :: PMCaller Type: Prank CallerPhone Number Report: My phone rang - When I went to pick up, they hung up - I returned the call and got what sounded like rhythmic clicking sounds - They hung up - I called again and got a weird recording about how a happy jack customer was not available - Dork

Post by Poopstart,

239-491-4157 Got two calls in the AM from this number - No message left - Called back and got Magic Jack answering machine -

Post by Misty,

2394914157 This guy that is calling you, is he from Louisiana or Mississippi?

Post by Daniel,

239-491-4157 When this number called me it sounded like a teenage boy and as if he were high or something - - seriously kinda freaked out

Post by Guest,

2394914157 won't quit calling

Post by sheila,

239-491-4157 I need to block this ASAP

Post by cee,

2394914157 called me the other moring at

Post by Erik,

239-491-4157 This appears to be a faked number, easy enough to do with today's technology - In my case they were trying to scam me oon money posing as an individual who spoke bad English trying to get me to wire them money -Illegal would be the appropriate category

Post by Guest,

2394914157 hang up on this number right away

Post by cee,

239-491-4157 called me the other moring at

Post by Mike-63303,

2394914157 pm an unsolicited call from -- -

Post by not falling for it,

239-491-4157 this person "Peterson Green" called me telling me I won million dollars and , cash was coming to me today, Sunday, as well as a black Mercedes Benz - I could barely understand what he was saying and had to have him repeat this many times -He repeatedly told me that they didn't require any personal information like a social security number or bank account number; all they needed was the correct way to say my name and my physical address - When I asked him where he was located to present me with a Mercedes and , cash briefcase he told me a city that was hours away from my location - He kept asking my name and address and I told him I wanted his address - I could hear him typing to figure out a way to respond- he again stated the city and said they have smaller branches everywhere -

Post by FFS,

2394914157 Has called me twice this morning, havent picked up because I do not care

Post by əsrgffgfdggjdvvvvvvvvvvvv,

239-491-4157 callled meh yeosterfdlay - i waz gosin to e arrest -

Post by Guest,

2394914157 A girl with this number called me at : am when I was trying to sleep - Said she knew who I was when she doesn't even live in the same state as me - Started laughing and thought it was funny - I didn't think so -

Post by broken hearted,

239-491-4157 U received a call from this number the th? Ok this number is supposed to be my ex boyfriends number - He was coming back from Qatar Afghanistan on the th of August - You cant call this number unless the contact u first - He's had this number since April that I'm aware of - He may be the one doing this stuff - I met him online - He claims to be felipino - Has a slight accent but nothing that u have to ask him to repeat himself - His English is impeccable - He's called me from this number previously but never thought about calling it until he became a flake after waiting for him to come back months after his deployment - He claims to be stationed on lackland air force base in Texas and is an e - I have his pix and even old voicemails - I wish there was a way u all could identify him - He seemed so real - Knowledgeable on air force and military history - I called this number the th when I knew he'd be back in the states and he actually answered - How can he have this number yet others are saying they are getting calls about this number from scams - He was using this number the th as I tries to contact him but he never answered the phone he completely flakes out

Post by Pat Williams,

2394914157 This is a scam -  All of you should contact the Federal trade commission to have an investigation done -

Post by Lee,

239-491-4157 I received a phone call from a man with a thick Hispanic accent asking me if I was Stephanie -  I let him know that he had the wrong number, then he asked me if I was my real name and I confirmed -  He then hung up -  It appears he was trying to get information and the call made me very uncomfortable -

Post by Amanda,

2394914157 This person called my daughters cell phone times last night talking about drugs and cussing at her needs to stop or calling cops

Post by Fed up,

239-491-4157 Got a call from a kid last night - I told her she should know better than to make crank phone calls - Today I got THREE calls from this number - The woman claimed to be the kid's mother and that I was mean to her daughter - I hung up - She called back two more times - I have blocked her number -

Post by Bill S.,

2394914157 The call back message is from Verizson no longer in use -

Post by RandomGuy,

239-491-4157 That little girl calls me and ask me how is my summer and how ive been doing and has done this times so far

Post by Kl,

2394914157 received call and it was someone speaking i take it chinese and a kid yelling in the back

Post by Threatened them in Indiana,

239-491-4157 First time they called and said Mom, Mommy - - I said I'm not your mom and they hung up - Second time they called and said Daddy, giggled and hung up - I called them and asked what their problem was, they were like what do you mean? I told them I was speaking a foreign language, they knew exactly what I meant - I also informed them that if they called me one more time I would file a complaint with the police - They hung up and have not called back

Post by Zbblocksux99swell,

2394914157 This number called me just two days ago - Threatening to abduct my step-mom's baby-girl - I called the Police, and the guy that sent it was arrested and put on a prison ship in the Bermuda Triangle -

Post by Annoyed,

239-491-4157 This is a call from a Magic Jack number - It can be traced by the FBI through the credit card on file with Magic Jack - They have called me as well at very bad hours of the night - Not sure if it was related but after the call  explicit text messages were received -

Post by Guest,

2394914157 I met this man online - claimed to be stationed on lackland afb - said he was deployed over seas - asked me to wait for him - We had much communication for the six months we met - Seemed legit - I cant imagine this person being a scammer - He didn't however come back and allow me to get him at the airport as we agreed - He told me he would be moved to Korea in September - Was nasty and hateful - Took days off to spend with him but he last answered the phone on August but never again did - It rings and says I can leave a vm as I did but he puts it on ignore - He old me he uses this for his iPad - His phone still rang on the th - I never got to meet him as he promised - He said his name was Kevin then late said it was Paul - I dont know if he was a scammer because we spent so much time talking and communicating - Diesel [email protected] -com or m [email protected] -com are associates with this person and number

Post by emily,

239-491-4157 Are you kidding?? I just reported this call - Said he was Mark a guy I've met online -badoo - Sounded like I was being recorded -why would anyone do this - If its the damn DEA -they need to get their [***] together and leave me alone - Thanks

Post by Guest,

2394914157 keep - call me

Post by Trisha,

239-491-4157 Received a scam call saying I won publishers clearing house -

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