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Post by Los Angeles,

2394434992 Got called three times during an hour, I knew its a barstard call,  won't answer them - Everybody should be beware of, they were disturbing and harassing -

Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 This number kept calling my phone every minutes - I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number and no voice mail was left - This is so annoying -

Post by Regular Person,

2394434992 By the way- Avast is telling me their site is listed as Malaware and blocked the site - These people need to be put out of business Do not go to the website - You may get a bug on your computer -

Post by tigerlily88,

239-443-4992 have received numerous messages from this number, but no messages left & I will not return a call when people don't leave a message or if I don't recognize the number - -my number is on the national do not call list, but they still get thru - -this makes at least different companies numbers I have received calls from

Post by TEE,


Post by mighty bruno,

239-443-4992 No message left, but as with all these robocalls telemarketers, they seem to be cold calling -  My phone number  is not associated or registered with any business or retail other than the Do Not Call Registry , which hasn't not been working as much these days -

Post by Annoyed with the Calls!,

2394434992 Got a call- after a lot of outside  background noise- like a party going on or something- sounded like a school cafeteria - -female finally responded to me and asked for someone who is not me - -I have had this cell# for yrs -  So, I researched it, and then found it was Gulf Coast Readers in Cape Coral Florida -  SO, I called this # back and after being on hold for about minutes- got a guy with the same really loud background noise -He confirmed this is a telemarketing company called Gulf Coast Readers -I told him, I am on the National Do Not Call Registry and work in law enforcement -and to please remove my number, and asked how they got it in the first place - - He indicated that a lot of times, if I have kids they may have signed me up for something in a website - -I told him I have no kids, so that did not happen - -He advised he was sorry and would remove me from the list - -We will see what happens - -If I get one more call, I will be reporting them to the www -FTCComplaintAssistant -gov and the www -IC -gov  - - They were pretty friendly, and not the abnoxious usual telemarketers I have dealt with in the past -

Post by Jessica,

239-443-4992 I did not answer the call from this number - My best practice policy is if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer - If it's important the caller will leave a message - However, after reading the posts from other people plagued by this number I did, out of sheer curiosity, call back and was indeed subject to the 'please stay on the line until an agent becomes available' schtick - I hung up immediately - I don't know if there is some sort of regulating authority one can go to to report this type of unwanted solicitation to get it to stop - If there is, I am all ears to suggestions - All I can really say is that it is a royal pain in the a** and if you do manage to get through to a live person on the other end, tell them where to go

Post by Guest,

2394434992 they want you yo buy a magazine subscription

Post by anonymous,

239-443-4992 unsolicited caller

Post by DRAZ,


Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 Calls all the time never leaves a message

Post by RAWKIN,

2394434992 I went to the website, and added my name to the do not call list, it said thank you a member of our staff will be contacting you shortly - I have to laugh, because I thought the reason for adding my name to the do not call list is so they would not call - Thanks for the information -

Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 Most annoying - -always hangs up on rd ring

Post by hate telemarkers,

2394434992 Start here:  <www -fcc -gov guides unwanted-telephone-marketing-calls>If that doesn't work, consider using Google Voice or other call blocking strategies -

Post by A.S.,

239-443-4992 constant calls, have they not figured out, I do not answer calls that I do not know the number for -  But in reality, whose database was stolen with our phone numbers in it -

Post by hate telemarkers,

2394434992 Start here:  <www -fcc -gov guides unwanted-telephone-marketing-calls>If that doesn't work, consider using Google Voice or other call blocking strategies -

Post by whatevr,

239-443-4992 I finally got them when they called me at work and they were telling me that they were doing some survey or some nonsense and I just talked over them saying I don't care and stop calling me and they haven't called me since - however I have been getting calls from a different number yesterday and today code -

Post by James Allen,

2394434992 stop [***] calling my number

Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 Telemarketing

Post by Guest,

2394434992 Block

Post by Diane Willoughby,

239-443-4992 Call rings twice and hang up no messageSTOP CALLING

Post by DRAZ,


Post by Spax35,

239-443-4992 Just got a call from them a few minutes ago - She mentioned that "it appears that you have been in good standing with an online retailer" and I was supposed to get prepaid magazine subscriptions - When I asked how to cancel the subscriptions (because I have no intention of having to pay for them ever) she giggled and said, "ummm those are really good questions, but I don't know the answer - -this is only my second day on the job -" Looking at how to get on the do not call list now -

Post by Alex,

2394434992 My girlfriend got a call from these people asking for me while I was at work - I don't know who they are or why they're calling my girlfriend asking for me but it needs to stop - We don't even live together -

Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 telemarketer magazines in Florida

Post by Jessica,

2394434992 Oh I completely agree that they are "flaming homosexuals" they called me at in the morning going ma'am it says you are from North Carolina so it's am - Well whatever the heck it says I'm in Hawaii so LEAVE ME ALONE

Post by Guest,

239-443-4992 harrasing me

Post by Guest,

2394434992 u

Post by Courtney,

239-443-4992 Idk who these people are, but they called me sayin I won a gift - SCAMSSS Smh - Dont call me nomore

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