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Recent Comments for 2394002950

Post by Sheezam,

2394002950 is some clown with a non English accent -Says his name is David and he is calling about my computer -He says it has viruses on it - One day he called and claimedto be from my ISP and one day he claimed to be from Microsoft - If you get a call from Da-veed tell heem to learnthee Eenglish and hang up on him -

Post by Guest,

239-400-2950 Claims he German always texting, fake stolen pics on meetme try to do money transfer but I never went through with it - Sound Spanish can speak some engilsh - Told me lives in Pittsburgh Hills District this number is from magic jack phone through computer - He is trying to scam go by the name Sean John

Post by Katie,

2394002950 This number keeps calling me and it's super freaky they knew my name and what I was wearing and where I was sitting omg it's so freaky

Post by Erica,

239-400-2950 Rob- are you from Ohio?

Post by Beverly Wilson,

2394002950 This is a scam I advertised room for rent was told the check was being mailed  they called saying they were delivering car and furniture for my student roommate that was moving to go to university here and wanted me to pay - for delivery

Post by sandra sandy,

239-400-2950 This number belongs to a girl named ivonne and her boyfriend art and they call people randomly just to upset them - I know this because I am their neighbor call this numbef and say these names and you will see

Post by Weary Traveler,

2394002950 This number called me this morning at :, : & : - It sounded like boys were giggling in the background as one made himself sound of middle eastern heritage -  I say get a life you little punks -

Post by Bandit Wolf,

239-400-2950 I was trying to adopt a kitten and this was the number that called to get my money for shipping her - They seemed extremely unprofessional and kept calling me - It was associated with an email from "global pet movers", yet another unprofessional email, with the name "Mr Chris Gold" -    the kitten was free - - the shipping cost was - - no way that's real -

Post by Jess,

2394002950 I just got the call from the number with a guy with an foreign accent didn't leave a call back number - I think it is a scam -  Left a voicemail I did pick up -

Post by BP,

239-400-2950 I got a call from this number just now twice back to back - They left no answer and it"s after in the morning - People have nothing to do but bother others -

Post by Brit,

2394002950 Keep getting phone calls in the middle of the night from this number - Don't answer but getting text from a guy who says his name is Gucci

Post by bei,

239-400-2950 The just called - Me

Post by protectPeople,

2394002950 This is probably the same guy whose name is James Eran in facebook -  He is in Nigeria begging for money to come home - -he s fake - -he s a con -  Police to police -  He has a email under [email&#;protected] * *  I believe tthat is the same man -Protect your pix and the information - -

Post by Dalana,

239-400-2950 I was called Saturday night by this number telling me I owe him money - I said I do not know who u r and he replied you will if you don't come up with my money and the he called me the B word and a few other names - He said his name was Mike and I didn't understand the rest -

Post by Di,

2394002950 I just got called by this leper last night after being in the Emergency Room all day with pancreatitis - You said you would get him and yet he is still calling people - Go get him

Post by joyce alsept,

239-400-2950 He claimed to be Klan Douglas from California but called me from this number why can't these people be stopped???

Post by CC,

2394002950 This guy usually calls and says his name is Eric Jones and there is a problem with my computer -  He called again this afternoon and says I live in a very nice town, and he wants to be my friend -  He wants to change his job and get a new one, but he has no friends and wants to be my friend - -  and that he loves me -  ????  Told him my husband is a cop and he better not call again -

Post by Guest,

239-400-2950 Caller called i could hear some music in the background no answer i said hello in English in Spanish and Portuguese no answer then the guy on the other line said hi whos this - I said my name and he hung up - I immediately called back and he answered but didnt say anything - Suspicious

Post by txchic64,

2394002950 Also, this man texted me first before he called and the number was --, so watch out for that number as well -Thanks

Post by jack,

239-400-2950 I got a call from this guy - He actually talked to me - He said his name was Saljeet - He used a fake accent - He asked if I had a car for sale, then I heard him and his friend laughing in the background - Then I told him that I knew it was a prank call - As soon as that happened, he immediately hung up the phone - I am currently trying to text the number to see if he will respond -

Post by Guest,

2394002950 Called and left empty message

Post by Guest,

239-400-2950 Lots of static - Probably trying to rack up the bill on your phone -

Post by Guest,

2394002950 Based on my understanding its a majic Jack phone

Post by tasha,

239-400-2950 This man texted me on datehookup sayin he is isreli and white he is an engineer born nov I'm scared I don't know what this person can do

Post by c,

2394002950 We got a call at :  AM  during the night last night -   When phone rings at night , you always worry -There was no one on the phone just noise which sounded like someone in a bar -Hope they don't call back -Oh yeah,  we're on the "do not call list"    What a joke

Post by ceedun,

239-400-2950 they called my home at pm and asked if they could borrow toilet paper - - lol - lil punks -

Post by Mad max,

2394002950 I just received  a phone call from this number and he was telling me that i just won some money that every time i used my credit card they got my name in a drawing and wen he stared to ask for information that's wen i ask him   to give me the number checked it out and sure i found all this messeges thank you for posting

Post by deb,

239-400-2950 Just got a call from florida - -female spanish voice - She said donde esta poo poo -  Then hung up

Post by Angie,

2394002950 I have been receiving calls from this number wanting to collect so they can send me my third prize of , & a Wal Mart gift card Yea boy Gotta have that Wal Mart card - -NOT

Post by Kaylea Hofer,

239-400-2950 This person continuously called me saying he would follow me home and that he was coming after me and my sister - I told my mom and she has reported it to the police department who will search any necessary info and will later transfer that into the the FBI he is harassing me and if u haven't already read the rest of these messages u can see it's not just me

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